Are you at risk for costly defects and quality problem?We focus exclusively on QUALITY. Today hundreds of clients worldwide have selected to trust AQI Service as their partner for Quality Control Management.


“AQI Service as a professional third-party quality control inspection services in China, was found in 2004, has more than 40 active quality inspectors, working in your interests to protect your production conformity and quality in the supply chain. reduce your sourcing risk and secure your imports!”


a) Identify problems early and reduce associated rework costs later. Identifying problems early also helps avoid potential shipment delays.
b) Ensure the end product quality meets your customers’expectations.
c) Partnering with a third party inspection provider often reduces travel expenses, internal resource allocation and offers an unbiased assessment.

The Pre-shipment Inspections are conducted according to ISO 2859(ASQ Z1.4) standards.
Internationally recognized as being the reference, they guarantee the representativeness of the sample, as well as the uniqueness of the rules of acceptance of the order.

The inspection report will be sent to you via email or via AQI Service Online within 24 Hours as the inspection for no additional cost.
It is a real insight into the state of your order, and will quickly give you the necessary information to help you decide on a plan of action.

Client can make the final decision to accept goods or reject it, for the necessary modifications to take place. A re-inspection can then be considered with the aim of checking the required changes have actually taken place.

Why Us?

Your Eyes In The Factory

AQI Service working on your side to protect your business interests in the supply chain. helps you to ensure that all products meet your quality standards, keep the costs of quality problems at the factory

Personalized Service

AQI Service provides personalized, tailor-made services to its clients, including but not limited to: a dedicated account manager, personalized report format, and a mutually agreed checklist.

Fast Reports Delivery

All inspection and audit reports are sent before 6PM CET Time the same day of service. This saves you 24h compared to other inspection companies, and allows you to take critical decisions early on.

Value For Money

Get competitive pricing that doesn‘t sacrifice on service quality or reliability. No hidden costs or additional charges. Get your all-inclusive quote before confirming the inspection.

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