Sample Reports

For each product inspection or factory audit service, our technical team will prepare the detailed checklist based on all of your specifications and the general inspection standards to guide the whole inspection for every single orders. and our experienced quality inspectors are also well trained and allocated according to their expertise and the product category. please believe that we always focus exclusively on the quality of your product!

For each inspection, the draft inspection report with the overall result and defect summary will be released to you right after inspection and official reports will be sent within 24 hours.

We guarantee 96% Reports will be validated on the same day and 100% Reports within 24 hours! You even can access the original Report with high-quality uncompressed pictures in Cloud, help you to know better the on-site situation in the factory clearly!

Now please check out with the sample reports here to better understand our quality control and product inspection services,

Check the full sample reports for Product Inspection

  • Electrical & Electronic inspection
  • Homeware & Gardenware inspection
  • Toys inspection
  • Construction & Mechanical items inspection
  • Textile, garments & garment accessories inspection
  • Office Supplies, Packaging & Printing inspection
  • Personal Care, Fashion & Accessories inspection

Check the full sample reports for Factory Audit

  • Supplier Tele-Investigation
  • Factory Quality Assessment

The above reports all in Microsoft OneDrive Cloud

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