Service Price and Terms

AQI Service provides product inspection and factory audit services based on calculation with all-inclusive cost. our service is reliable and service price is competitive.

One man-day means one quality inspector/auditor works one working day in the factory. Contact us anytime to calculate the number of man.days needed depends on the quantity and the complexity of the product you ordered. check out SAMPLE REPORTS here for reference.

Quality Control/Product Inspection Service

(Including Container Loading inspection)

  • Service Price: USD 198 /Man. day in China
  • Service Price: USD 268 /Man. day in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam,Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia
  • Service Price: USD 300 / in Taiwan, Turkey

Factory Audit / Supplier Verification

To verify the factory legal existence, quality system, factory size, assess the supplier or factory reliability and suitability in regards of your production requirements

  • Service Price: USD 198 /Man. day in China (USD168 / for simple audit)
  • Service Price: USD 328 /Man. day in Taiwan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam,Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia,
  • For social audit service please contact us for detail

Tele-Investigation Service

This tele-investigation service includes the verification of all the supplier official documents (Business license, Tax, export license, certificates and certifications) by telephone, email, internet, the inspector will not present at the factory.

  • Service Price: USD 100 /Supplier

Terms of Inspection Services

  • 1. All-inclusive inspection prices includes: Services fee/Traveling cost for working time
  • 2. Inspector working time: 9:00AM-5:00PM
  • 3. For ongoing or long term work, please contact us about our attractive discounts.
  • 4. We accept through PayPal, T/T, Western Union (PayPal account:
  • 5. For prospective clients with min.
  • 6. Inspections per month, the agreement for monthly statement could be signed

Options available:

  • Collection of samples: Free of charge.

During your inspection, our inspector can pick up some production samples and send it to you using your courier account. It could be defective samples or proper sample or one export carton, this is up to you to decide.

  • Working during official holidays: +$50 per Man-Day.

If you need our staff to work during official local holidays, we can be flexible but need to share additional costs with you. FYI, in most Asian countries, working during official holidays is possible when employee get 3 times his normal salary.

  • Night overtime: +$15 per hour. starts on 7:00PM

Our inspectors normally leave the factory around 5-6 PM and go back to the office for create the inspection report. However, from time to time inspectors may need to stay until after 6 PM in order to wait for late production,to supervise late container loading, or to implement the necessary corrective actions for some urgent shipments. Of course, we will first inform you about those special situations in order to get your approval to work overtime