Quality control service for secure buying bedding products from China

As many importers knew that source bedding and home textile products with confidence from China suppliers would be good choice, many professional suppliers can be searched on Alibaba, Made-in-China or Globalsources etc online website, there are thousands of suppliers and thousands of products you could find there:

1. The bedding suite: several piece in the suite including: bed cover, bedspread, bed sheet, bedding bag, by core, cleaning pad, pillowcases, pillow case, summer winter pillowcase pillowcase (envelope), pillowcases, pillow, etc.
2. The parts: including: bedding bag, summer cover, bedspread, bed sheet, pillow, pillowcase (envelope pillow case)
3. The pillow categories:
(1) pure purpose of pillow sleep. This kind of pillow type main points is its flexibility and comfort.
(2) with the function of health care pillow class: the pillow type mainly by its shape and filling to bring various health care functions, appeal lies in its health.
Bedding & Pillow products quality control China inspection services
4. Quilt:
a: polyester filler was class: this class main points is its volume, softness and warmth retention property.
b: natural filler was class: fleece, duvets, such as silk, this is kind of main points is that environmental protection, the concept of health.
5, Peripheral products include: all kinds of pillow/cushion/waist support pad sofa bed sofa cushion, etc

Bedding is divided into two broad categories:
A) Having color: greatly influenced by season, tide is given priority to with aesthetic appeal. Mainly includes the suite and bulk products.
B) No color: less affected by season, tide is given priority to with practical demands. mainly include the pillow, be, cleaning pad, etc
bedspread and bedding products quality control service

AQI Service as a professional service company in China specialized to provide a complete range of sourcing and quality control services for importers, buyers, retailers and sellers. below we are listing some common factors for Bedding sets quality control service:

1.  Product size: The size of the actual measurement must be within specification error
2. Fabric requirements: Take products compare to the sample, and confirm the geographic specifications
3. Color: Take products compared to the sample, can not have off color. Water cleaning and can’t rub off
4. Smell: If any smells that are strange and sharp flavor .It indicates that there is formaldehyde residue
5. Friction: Take fabric friction mutually to check whether there is a cottony phenomenon
6. Appearance: Product surface whether there is dirt, whether surface pattern is clear, whether the thread is more, if the fabric have drawnwork phenomenon
7. Stitches: Whether the stitches of roducts are in conformity with specifications, whether there is missed stitch, whether the space between stitches are consistent, the suture is fastness
8. Install: Expand the product to install, to check whether they are abnormal

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