Product Expertise

Our Expertise

We are doing quality control inspection and audit services on behalf of the clients for thousands of different products among the following categories, and we are proud of our expertise in many industries below:

Construction & Mechanical items Personal Care, Fashion & Accessories
Shower inspectionConstruction & Decoration Material
Hardware & Tools
Machinery Products
Mechanical Products
Auto Parts & Accessories
Sunglasses inspectionAccessories
Bodycare, Health & Hygiene
Sporting & Recreation
Timepieces, Sunglasses
Jewelry & Eyewear
Electrical & Electronic products Textile, garments & garment accessories
Speaker InspectionAudio & Video
Electrical Equipment
Electronic Products
Home Electrical Appliances
Garment InspectionBag, Case & Luggage
Garment Accessories
Home Textile
Homeware, Gardenware Toys
Furniture inspectionCeramic & Porcelain, Gardenware & Furniture
Gifts & Crafts
Kitchenware & Tableware
Safety & Security Products
Plush toy inspectionElectrical / Battery Toys
Plush Toys
Other Toys
Office Supplies, Packaging & Printing, Gifts
Book inspectionBooks & Printing
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