Solution for Small Business

AQI Service provide solutions for small business company/Online sellers.

3 Major Risk for small business importing from China

1)Poor product quality

  • Products that were manufactured at an inferior standard — note that this is quite common, even when the buyer received a perfect pre-production sample.
  • Products that got damaged during transportation.

2)Inappropriate labeling and packing

  • Wrong labeling
  • Weak export cartons, or inappropriate individual product packing.
  • Oversized export cartons

3)Using the wrong logistics provider

  • Delayed deliveries with little or opaque information
  • High custom duty fees

Solutions for small business/e-commerce online sellers

How can you control and prevent those risks?
a) Supplier Verification


  • Avoid scams and inexperienced vendors.
  • Other benefits


b) During Production Inspection

  • Solve the specification and quality problems during manufacturing process
  • Other benefitsM

c) Pre-shipment Inspection

  • Know the final quality of your shipment
  • Other benefits

d) Full Inspection(Defects Sorting Service)

  • Perform 100% inspection, to ensure each piece can meet client’s requirement
  • Other benefits

Why AQI Service


  • STABILITY : AQI Service is an established and reliable organization, providing quality assurance, engineering and consulting services since 2004.
  • EXPERIENCED DEGREED ENGINEERS: Our staff offers experience in a variety of industries including consumer retail, textiles/fabrics, electrical/electronics, housewares, and more.
  • SCHEDULING FLEXIBILITY: AQI Service understands the unpredictable nature of sourcing and the importance of meeting critical deadlines.
  • INTEGRATED SERVICES: AQI try to offers international buyers a basket of integrated services to bring more confidence, security and knowledge in ordering from Chinese factories.


  • RISK REDUCTION: High reduction of the risk related to quality issue and loss of money by appointing wrong vendor
  • NO FIX COST: No fix cost for maintaining office, employee etc… We work on demand
  • BUDGET CONTROL: Total control of your budget for quality control and quality assurance. Cost are clear and forecastle
  • FAST: anywhere in Asia within 48 hours, report within 24 hours
  • HELPFUL: Free quality consulting and advice to help you establish your quality management strategy

Product Inspection Fee

  • Pre-shipment Inspection/Container Loading Supervision
  • Defects Sorting (Full Inspection)

General inspection booking process

  • Customer consultation the service
  • Submit booking form with product information
  • Confirm the Inspection cost
  • AQI Service Conducts the inspection, draft report with results in same day, detail report in 24 hours
  • Customer review the report
  • Additional actions and issue invoices.

Options for full inspection performing

Solution C: Defect sorting ( At AQI Service )

Phase I: Deposit 30% to supplier–>Production –>Random inspection during production(Can be skipped for small orders) –>Production 100% finished and packed –> Supplier send their FQC report –> Payment of 50% to supplier

Phase II: Supplier sends the goods(w/ or w/out packaging) to AQI Office –> AQI Perform 100% inspection –> Bad Pieces send back to factory –> Replacements/reworked pieces from factory –> All is Good –> Payment of 20% –> Delivery handle by AQI
Solution C: Defect sorting ( At Factory )

Customer book inspection service from AQI –> AQI coordinate the date with supplier –> AQI Perform the random inspection or full inspection at supplier’s factory –> Report to customer –> Payment collect.

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