What’s definition of Amazon FBA Labels and how to use it?

What’s Amazon FBA Labels and how to labeling for Amazon FBA shipments?
For Amazon seller whom import products from China, the highest rate of questions and confusion is about labeling for Amazon FBA.

Do I put my own label on, do I cover the existing UPC, can I put the label on the bubble wrap, what printer, do I co-mingle or not co-mingle, so many questions!  I am going to try to clear this all up right here and now!

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Amazon FBA Labels–Definitions

People get confused and mix up Bar codes, UPCs, ASINS and all the other names for product identifiers that are used on Amazon.  Here are the important ones that you need to know:

UPC.  Stands for Universal Product Code.  Every product sold on Amazon needs to have a unique identification and that identification is normally called a UPC.  Think about when you go grocery shopping and they scan the code and the product description and price come up on the display.  They are normally scanning the UPC.

While every product sold on Amazon has to have a UPC in order to create the listing, that does not mean that it needs to be printed on the item.  In a grocery store yes, but on Amazon no.

FNSKU. This is also called the Seller SKU.  (SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit).

When you print your label on your printer at home, you are not printing UPCs.  You are printing a barcode that Amazon will scan when they receive your shipment.  This barcode is generated by Amazon and when the receivers scan it they will know what it is and who it belongs to.

How to use the Amazon FBA Labels

You want to make sure that all items have the UPC covered so that the Amazon warehouse receivers do not scan those labels.  They need to scan your labels.  Here are a few general tips:

  • Boxed item with UPC code.  Cover the existing UPC code with your label
  • Boxed item with super large UPC code.  Cover the code with a blank label or 2 labels if required, then put your label on top of the white space created.
  • Stretch wrapped item with code still showing through.  Cover that UPC code with either a suffocation label or your label.
  • Stretch wrapped item with no UPC code showing through.  Put your label right on there.
  • Grocery item multipack. This should be in a poly bag.  Be sure no UPC’s are showing, or cover them all with a blank label before bagging.
  • Bundles.  Either strategically pack your bundle so no labels show or cover all UPC’s with a blank label before bundling.  You will need your label, and possibly the Suffocation label and This is a Set label, depending on the bundle contents.

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