5 Steps for Amazon Business Starts from Sourcing in China

Sourcing in China then resell in Amazon?

As you can see a lot of sellers did like this and got succeed.

Some people was wondering: i designed a product and try to sell on Amazon, and try to find a reliable supplier in China to make it, i also hope then can send the products directly to Amazon FBA (Using Amazon Fulfillment Service) to make a streamlined supply chain.

Actually the process of sourcing in China is very simple, now there are lot of company in the supply chain and you should can ask them any questions you want at any time.

5 Steps For Amazon Business Starts From Sourcing In China and FBA InspectionWhere i can find the reliable supplier?

Glossary of Technical Terms

  • MOQ: Minimum Order Quantity: the lowest number of units that a supplier prepared to produce in one order.
  • Private Label Product – A product produced by a manufacturer who will put your logo on the product and/or your design on the packaging. The same as “White Label Product”. Total NEW product with new UPC label will allow you have a unique product so nobody else can compete it, also you are building your brand every time you sell a unit
  • OEM –In normal usage with Chinese suppliers, it means the same as “Private Labelled”, ie with your own logo and/or packaging design.In theory, OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer”. Also in theory, it refers to your own design and factory produced for you. Technically the alternative term for Private Labelling should be “ODM” but I’ve yet to find a Chinese supplier who uses that term. (Related:What Is Difference Between The OEM Vs ODM Suppliers?)
  • FREIGHT-you’ll need to understand what prices you get during the phase of looking for suppliers and negotiating. “Incoterms” are internationally agreed freight terms, or you can choose to let factory send to your FBA warehouse by air

FBA Inspection Service in China

It is important to try your best to get independent (3rd party) quality inspection and testing of your goods in China before they get shipped if you possibly can, which we call it Amazon FBA Inspection Service

Since one of the keys to quality inspection is the integrity of the inspection person or company, it’s by far the best to get a recommendation via trusted friends or colleagues. This is when being a member of a community of fellow Amazon Sellers is most useful. Also look among your friends with corporate jobs – you may well find someone who deals with international buying, in which case, they’re very likely to deal with China frequently, since China exports pretty much every type of product in huge quantities. If you’re using a freight forwarder or Customs Broker, ask them if they have such contacts of China inspection services-whom can provide services like supplier verification, quality control, pre-shipment inspection or full inspection etc.

Quality Control Services


  • Fraud prevention – escrow
  • Ease/Speed & some protection – Paypal/Payoneer
  • Most liked by suppliers – T/T Bank or Exchange experts

Now you got any understanding for sourcing in China now? check with us if you still have more questions, email: info@aqiservice.com

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