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Who we are

China inspection services and product testing services in Shenzhe, Dongguan-AQI ServiceAQI Service as a professional third-party quality control inspection company in China, found in 2004, has more than 40 active quality inspectors, providing professional quality control service in Asia, and production monitoring throughout the whole supply chain, from product development, sourcing, quality control to shipping and delivery;

We pride ourselves on providing much more than your typical third party inspection and QC services offering a truly personal approach individually tailored to meet your needs.

AQI Service’s goal is simple: we strive to offer the most reliable, impartial and flexible quality control services for our clients. focus on serving importers, retailers and trading companies of all sizes from all over the world, which have one thing in common: importing goods from China even Asia.

What we can do

About AQI Service-China inspection service company

Why Special

  • Focus exclusively on quality control service like your personal assistance or eyes in Asia. We ensure that our inspectors are screened, well trained and regularly monitored, as we believe that having the highest quality inspectors sets us apart.
  • Fully committed to ensuring quality and customer satisfaction by collecting accurate information on the factory floor.
  • Free Information source for all clients whom still in searching right manufactures
  • Fully certified by the Chinese government & AQSIQ to perform inspections in China.

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Your Benefits

AQI Service brings results. some of the benefits our customers love include:

  • Time-We work on your behalf even when you’re sleeping.
  • Money-AQI Service pricing structures are very competitive and we help reduce overhead burdens drastically.
  • Transparency-AQI Service offers a communications hub that allows you to see clearly your business ops in China.
  • Organization-AQI Service helps forecast steps for your orders from sampling to delivery in organized fashion.

Learn more about our network and more about our Inspection Service, for any questions please contact us by email: Info@aqiservice.com

Our Valued Clients

We treat our clients as our partners rather than our customers, we help them to time and cost in evaluating the product’s safety are matched with international standards/regulations, and the functions, workmanship, specifications and quantity are conformed to your specifications/requirements.