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Thanks to your Respected Clients who worked with us for a long time!

AQI Service started providing product inspection and factory audit services in 2004. Following more than 15 years of development. AQI Service becomes the clients’ most important QC partner in Asia and helps them reduce risk, streamline the processes, gain new efficiencies, speed time to market, protect clients’ brand value and reputation.

With an account service management system, AQI Service offers efficient service at a competitive price, and helps your business be safer and more comfortable in Asia! Here we list our advantages below:

  • A. Stability:

AQI Service is an established and reliable organization providing Quality Control, Factory Audit, and Lab Testing agencies, etc. Quality Control Services since 2004.

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  • B. Experienced Degreed Engineers:

AQI Service’s professional and knowledgeable staff represents your interests on-site. Our inspectors and supervisors are degreed engineers. Our team offers experience in a variety of industries, including consumer retail, textiles/fabrics, electrical/electronics, housewares, and many more.

  • C. Scheduling Flexibility:

AQI Service understands the unpredictable nature of sourcing and the importance of meeting critical deadlines. We schedule accordingly, which often means accommodating last-minute requests.

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  • D. Full Pictures and Videos:

While a few pages of photos and some ticked boxes may give you a small insight into your production run, it won’t give you the full picture of your far-east supply chain activities.

At AQI Service, our experienced inspectors will go the extra mile to give you an unfiltered view of your manufacturing facility and provide service and report with true long-term value.

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  • E. Integrated Services:

AQI Service try to offer international buyers a basket of integrated services to bring more confidence, security, and knowledge in ordering from Chinese factories

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How Do We Anti-Bribery?

  • a. We pay higher welfare to the inspectors during inspection company industry;
  • b. AQI Service offers system training to inspectors & Auditors, the system organized and promoted to the inspector team.
  • c. A complete measurement and control system monitoring the inspector’s inspection process, code of ethics, performance, and inspection report.
  • d. Legal contract regarding compensation signed: In the event of any quality accident, AQI Service will recover part of the compensation from the inspector through legal procedures.
  • e. Labor contract will be terminated immediately to anyone involved in bribery.
  • f. AQI ANTI-BRIBERY POLICY is announced to inspected trader and factory when every inspection coordinated and the on-site when inspection conducting.
  • g. To reduce the risk of bribery, inspectors are randomly assigned by a quality control system for the schedule to avoid one inspector always to the same factory.
  • h. On-site auditing will be randomly conducted by the supervisor to track the performance of the inspector without any advance noticed.

Since AQI Service established, we have a stable inspector team:

A. Stable career: 90% of inspectors working with the company for over 4 years, 70% of inspectors working with the company for over 7 years.

B. 90% of inspectors have been married, living local, and enjoying with family as well as a stable career.

Testimonials From our Clients

We are providing professional and reliable quality inspection and factory audit services to our customers worldwide, about 40% of them are from Europe, 30% are from America, 10% are from Asia, and 20% from Australia and other countries.

Below we’re sharing what our customer was saying regarding AQI’s services. We do believe you will also be impressed by our services same as below customers’ experience in AQI Service, if you would be glad, please give us a trial,

“It is important for me to have AQI Service I can rely on to get the job done effectively and efficiently. The Inspection Reports AQI Service prepares for our company to give us a window into the true status of our products and orders. when we have factory issues, AQI also goes the next step and helps to push factories for rework and ASAP delivery.”
William Lodgek — Seattle, USA

“Finally, I had a servicing partner that I could trust to represent my needs locally in China. With AQI Service, I can do better in control of my orders and suppliers. They save me headaches and money! keep up the good work!”
James Walker — Fulda, GE

“AQI Services save us hundreds every month. In my premiums business, I developed many products from different factories. AQI Service help me in engineering, sample inspection and even payment route through their office, that’s really helped me a lot, ”
Alice Dmitry — Fort Worth, USA


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