Inspection Booking Process

Product Inspection Services in China & Asia?

Why is the customer asking about the inspection booking processes for product inspection or other third-party inspection services from AQI Service? Because customer probably wants to avoid having all that time and money go to waste in the event of receiving inferior quality products.

In quality control of the supply chain, Buyers ensure the quality of their goods through product inspection, either by inspecting the products themselves or hiring a third-party inspection company to inspect on their behalf. Once you have found a quality control company suited to your needs, it is time to book an inspection.

What is the Product Inspection Booking Process?

How do schedule the quality control services from a third-party inspection company? Here let’s start with AQI Service for simple booking steps to make the scheduling process as easy and stress-free for the buyer as possible:

Step 1: Inquiry, Send specifications and relevant information

The buyer should prepare clear relevant information to AQI Service, for quoting and inspection reference, E-mail to with your contact information and questions, we prefer you also send the below information together:

  • Product name
  • Purchase Order /Contract agreement
  • Product specifications, artwork
  • Inspection standard or AQL Sample size
  • Known quality issues or Key points, Inspection Checklist
  • Type of Inspection (check out 5 types of inspection)
  • Supplier’s contact information including supplier name
  • The factory address where the inspection will take place
  • Requested inspection date
  • Your company info and contact info

You can also Get a Free Quote from the Quote Page.

Step 2: Inspection Booking Form and Checklist

Fill out the booking form back to us by email. you can download the form here: BOOKING FORM

In this step, a third-party inspection company will review the documents again and communicate with the buyer to create the inspection checklist, all the questions can be communicated via Email, Skype, WhatsApp, Wechat, or other tools.

Product Inspection booking process and booking form

Step 3: Schedule Inspection

When you booked the inspection service, please start to introduce your QC partner to your supplier and let them know a third-party inspection will become to carry out the inspection.

AQI Service Account Manager will follow up with your factory/vendor to gather the necessary materials, such as factory address, PO quantity, shipping deadline, etc., Finally, AQI service will send the supplier an Application Form to fill out and submit, as a final step to confirm all information for inspection. once the inspection has been successfully arranged, AQI Service will let the supplier know the inspector’s contact information, and the buyer is notified of the confirmed date of inspection.

Product Inspection Service booking process and application

More often than not in some cases, the supplier will reply QC company to say

  • They need to confirm with the client first.
  • Submit an incomplete booking form
  • Request an inspection with too little advanced notice, such as a next-day inspection, or same-day inspection.

So it’s necessary for the buyer to get involved to have the supplier confirm the inspection and submit the completed booking form asap.

Step 4: Perform Quality Inspection

The supplier has the responsibility to make sure the goods condition right to product inspection, and arrange enough workers to assist inspection,

Inspector will declare Integrity Pledge that honest and fair play is most important in third-party before carrying out inspection

Once the inspection is finished, the Draft inspection report with an inspection summary will be issued to the factory, and the buyer will also receive our detailed inspection report within 24 hours after the inspection is finished. (Click here for the detailed sample report reference)

Step 5: Report, Q&A, and Payment

Once you have reviewed and understood the detailed inspection report, it is important that you communicate directly to the vendor/factory about the next steps you expect from them (e.g. to ship the goods, to re-work the goods, wait for further notice, etc.). Furthermore, if you require a re-inspection after you communicate this directly to the vendor/factory, the booking process should be run again.

Inspection Payment Invoice will be send to buyer after inspection report, method like Wire Transfer (Wise), Transferwise, PayPal, Payoneer are acceptable.