Booking Process

How to Book Quality Control Services in China & Asia?

Why customer asking for quality control services from AQ Inspeccion? because customer probably wants to avoid having all that time and money go to waste in the event receiving poor quality products.

In quality control of supply chain, Buyers ensure the quality of their goods through product inspection – either by inspecting the products themselves or hiring a third party inspection company to inspect on their behalf. Once you have found a quality control company suited to your needs, it is time to book inspection.

How to book quality control services from an third party inspection company? you can getting started with simple booking steps to make the scheduling process as easy and stress-free for the buyer as possible:

Step 1: Inquiry

Send us an e-mail to with your contact information and questions, we prefer you can send below information together:

  • Product name
  • Invoice/Contract agreement
  • Quantity
  • Product specifications
  • Supplier name
  • Supplier’s contact details
  • Inspection address
  • Requested inspection date
  • Your contact info

Step 2: Booking Inspection

Fill in the booking form which we sent to you and back to us by email. or you can download the form here:


In this step, for any questions you have, you can send us email or contact us in Skype

Step 3: Schedule Inspection

AQI Service Account Manager will follows up with your factory/vendor to schedule inspection date

then you will need to confirm your order and your payment. the inspection will be performed accordingly

Step 4: Perform Quality Inspection

Draft inspection report will send you in same inspection day, and you will also receive our detail inspection report within 24 hours after inspection finished. (Check the report sample here)

Step 5: Report, QA and Payment

Once you have reviewed and understand the detail inspection report, it is important that you communicate directly to the vendor/factory about next steps you expect from them (e.g. to ship the goods, to re-work the goods, to wait for further notice, etc.). Furthermore, if you require a re-inspection after you communicate this directly to the vendor/factory

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