How to Choose Alibaba Trusted Suppliers & Tips for Minimizing Product Defects

Alibaba Trusted Suppliers

Admittedly, the name “China” will come first when you opt to import anything at the lowest price. To know which supplier is selling your desired product, you usually visit Alibaba’s website and find numerous supplier, alibaba trusted suppliers may included but many of you fail to find an authentic supplier and become scammed.

You must know some basic determinants of reliable suppliers and accentuate those while selecting any supplier to be trusted. Alibaba is a hub of any type of manufacturers and good sellers. Some sellers aim for one-time business and such they deliver lowest quality products with many quality defects, A buyer who desires to buy quality products at the lowest price will fall in their trap. Whereas some other suppliers are providing a quality product at a reasonable price.

Need to mention that Alibaba may not the best source of branded products. there are lots of things need to do before considering one supplier as a long-term relationship partner, Therefore, if you look for any exclusive goods for your Amazon FBA business, you should go check multi-places where for sourcing such items.

Notwithstanding having a chance of being scammed on Alibaba, it is undoubtedly a vast source of suppliers where you can see a massive number of sellers/manufacturers on one platform and connect to them easily. To be benefited from Alibaba largely, all you have to be a strategic and smart buyer. You have to prioritize your requirements and offset the product’s specification against price.

Number One Factor: Quality

Type of defects (1)Undeniably, the quality of the product is to be heavily weighted during supplier selection. Some manufactures in China even Asia may offer you products with a very low price, but their thinking as to how to ensure quality is slightly different from what you are thinking of. In addition, their way of quality control will not match with your one. They merely focus on how to product at a minimal price. They do not bother too much about the durability of the products. Consequently, placing an order without fixing the quality aspects results in a huge unsold inventory.

To resolve such a problem, many buyers set up their office in China to observe the supplier’s production process, quality control activities, make liaison with Chinese manufacturers directly. If you do not have such option or capability, you can get in touch with third party inspection agency like AQI Service who will monitor quality issue on behalf of you. If you have neither of the above, you will be receiving a lot of defective products. Because expecting a defect-free lot from any Chinese vendor in every shipment is not feasible.

Type of defects:

Basically, there are three kinds of manufacturing defects which are described as follow-

  1. Minor: This type of defect usually does not affect the product’s functionality and so the buyer can ignore it. Probable minor defects are fingerprint marks, uncut thread ends, small dirt marks, and similar.
  2. Major: These defects are visible, but does not hamper the product’s functionality greatly. Some common major defects are as bad packaging, poor assembly, low-quality material, poor painting, etc
  3. Critical: This type of defect affects a lot and let the product unsold or returned. These defects are highly visible. Due to these defects, product, as well as business, lose its functionality and popularity respectively.

Check more about the Example of Quality Defects  in Different Products

Reason For Defects:

Type of defects (2)Chance of defect is less for simple products, where it is a high chance for products of complex design. For example; printed tablecloth, wallpaper or zip bags are so easing to manufacture that percentage of defect is negligible. Reversely, items that are made of different components and assembly requires too much attention, have a higher chance of being defective. Defects occur either for the workers who are either producing or assembling the item, or the machine which is not properly functioning.

As defect seems to be intertwined, you cannot expect 100% good products in every shipment. Moreover, you should set an acceptable range of defect percentage.  Here is an example:

  • Minor defects – 3~4%
  • Major defects – 2~3%
  • Critical defects – 0%

No tolerance for critical defect as you cannot sell any product on Amazon, which is critically defective. Though minor defects are not such a big problem, you should concentrate on major defects. Sometimes, it creates a bad impression to seller and customer will not repeat his/her buying that deteriorate your growth. Simultaneously, the average rating of such item in Amazon will decline owing to repetitive negative reviews of customer.

Way to Minimize Product Defects:

Let’s discuss how you will overcome these hurdles. Actually, there is not any magical solution as to what to do for getting 100% defect-free shipment. Here are a few tips you can follow-

1) Supplier selection:

At the outset, you have to select the best suppliers. If you make a comparative statement of quotations you have collected from a different supplier, you can extrapolate what is happening next. You usually should not go with the one whom the quote is far below than others if not there is any special condition in their proposal. Buying materials at the cheapest price does not always result in profit; rather it holds a chance of wasting business capital.

2) Sampling Process:

If you ask your Chinese supplier to send some samples of the final product before final delivery, you can reduce the possibility of getting a faulty product at the bit. However, if you see any nonconformity or any kind of defects, inform the supplier immediately. Sample must meet your expectation completely. Until and unless you receive the product as you desired, it will not be a wise decision to place the final order.

3) Arranging a visit:

Sitting with your supplier physically might help you to make them understood what you are actually looking for. Before placing a bulk order, visit their factory premises at least once. It will build rapport and supplier will be conscious about your requirement. If the situation is not in favour of you for meeting with them, you can assign a third party inspection agency who will contact with your seller directly make the things clear and ensure the quality of the product. If your supplier is from China or any Asian country, AQI Service is, probably, the best choice. They have qualified and professional inspection team to help you in quality control

In conclusion, product defect is a part of the importing process. Though you cannot stop receiving defective product completely from China, you can be precautious before sending anything to Amazon. Simultaneously, you have to discuss with your supplier when the number of damaged product is inordinate.


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