5 Things to Know When Selling Chinese Goods on Amazon FBA UK

5 Things to Know When Selling Chinese Goods on Amazon FBA UK

(By MELISSA BURNS) Earning money by importing stuff from China and selling it via Amazon FBA UK used to be relatively easy. However, as people grow savvier with every passing year and the Chinese sellers aggressively move into new markets on their own, today you have to know your way around this business to make money this way. In this article, we will cover some of the most important aspects of shipping from China to sell via Amazon FBA UK – get ready!

1.    Choose Suppliers Carefully

The reputation of your business is built on the products you sell, and the supplier defines everything about them: their quality and their consistency if they are produced and delivered on time, etc. Check every supplier extensively before you finally decide you can trust them. Of course, the most straightforward way to make sure is to visit China and deal with them directly, but it is not always possible. Using a well-reputed sourcing agent or contacting prospects via Alibaba.com are also viable approaches.

2.    Use Amazon FBA Service

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) allows you to use Amazon’s fulfilment network – that is, they store, pack, ship and even provide customer service for your products. You have to prepare your products and ship them to Amazon – they do the rest. On the one hand, it takes an enormous load off your shoulders – many businesses selling via Amazon would never be able to be successful on their own or, at least, would not be able to scale as fast. On the other hand, you have to pass FBA Inspection (More about) so that Amazon knows you meet their standards. When shipping from China, you have to solve this issue with the supplier beforehand: inform them you are going to use Amazon FBA UK, only work with those who do not have problems with this, always have official contracts and avoid paying in advance for Amazon FBA UK until the products pass the inspection.

3.    Amazon Quality Control

Guide to Product Inspection Process in China or Asia
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Before buying a sizable shipment, order a sample to check the quality of the product. However, keep in mind that some suppliers may send samples that are of higher quality than their run-of-the-mill products. Thus, it may be a good idea to purchase a sample without mentioning that you intend to buy a larger shipment, just to see what they send to their regular customers. Even after you’ve established contact, you need to hire a Third-party Inspection Company to do regular quality control checks to ensure the quality of goods stays consistent.

4.    Choose between Private Labelling and Retail Arbitrage

This decision defines the entire nature of your future business. Private labelling means that you import a brandless product and sell it under your own brand. Retail arbitrage means that you sell a product under an existing brand. Both ways have their advantages. Private labelling has higher profit margins and allows you to create a consistent brand, but it is more expensive to start and needs significant investments into marketing. Retail arbitrage is cheap, fast and easy to start, less risky and allows you to ride on the reputation of the existing brand, but you do not create your brand and, therefore, remain a mere distributor.

5.    Ship by Sea or Air Freight to the UK

The only way to win over Chinese merchants who sell directly from China is to sell their products cheaper. You can achieve it by buying bulk amounts and shipping them by freight, which is significantly less expensive than doing it by courier services. Sea freight is usually the cheapest – however, both ways have their strong and weak points, and the right choice depends on the specifics of your products and business.

Of course, there is a lot more to selling Chinese goods in the UK successfully – but keeping these things in mind is more than enough to get you started.

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