3 Common factors for Backpack and Bags Quality Inspection

Bags Quality Inspection Service Study

How AQI Service makes inspection with the Backpack/Bags/handbags/Luggage/suitcase products importing from China.

The particularity of Backpack/Bags/handbags/Luggage and suitcase is they are mostly made of fabric parts being sewn all together. It also usually includes zipper, button, label, logo, handle and other items. It needs to carry weight, so it has to be resistant to a lot of constraints.

Now we would like to list 3 Common factors for Backpack and Bags Quality Inspection Service in China

Bags, backpack tote bags quality inspection service in China

Some common elements for Backpack/Bags/handbags/Luggage/suitcase products quality control:

  • Fabric: Did the factory use the same material with the golden sample?
  • Measurement: Do the actual measurements conform to your design and sample?
  • Workmanship: How is the workmanship? Good for sell in-store or online?
  • Printing and Painting: does the color of the bulk stable? How is the quality of printing and painting look like?
  • Logo: How is the quality of the logo, as everybody knows, the logo is one of the most important factors for the bags
  • Function: Always pay attention to the function; don’t let your customer down.
  • Wheels: the same problem with the function, be sure to make the products reliable.
  • Accessories: Prepare quality accessories. Customers will more trust your bags with quality accessories.

Some common defects for the backpack, bags, handbags, Tote Bags, Luggage, Suitcase

Defects from Bags inspection

  • Dirty stain
  • Wrinkle
  • Untrimmed thread
  • Poor stitching
  • Yarn draw out on the fabric
  • Needle hole
  • Zipper puller tape sewed into seam
  • Poor binding
  • Poor sewing for care label
  • Holes
  • Broken seam

And some On-site Tests for checking the reliability:

reliability test for bags and backpacks, that's bags quality inspection

  • Zipper test
  • Pocket check
  • Lobster Clasps test
  • Nail test
  • 3M type Logo test
  • Static and Dynamic test of handle
  • Static and Dynamic test of the shoulder belt
  • Luggage set up a test
  • Smell check
  • Waterproof test
  • Fatigue test
  • Seam strength check
  • Barcode scanning test

The last question is, have you ever outsourced backpack and bags to China? Did you work with the manufacturer or sourcing agent company? If not, which one you prefer to work with? Welcome to share comments with us!

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