Bathroom Hardware Quality Inspection standard and Checklist

Bathroom Hardware material and manufacturing in China

Bathroom Hardware Material

Bathroom hardware can usually be divided into three components: pedestal (fixed part), connecting piece, function parts. and the materials include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Chrome-plated copper
  • Aluminium alloy (or aluminium magnesium alloy)

Bathroom Hardware Inspection Procedures

A. Inspection standard of the material strap, round bar stock (material: copper, iron, aluminium):

  • Whether or not sink marks on the surface of the material strap and round bar stock, and whether smooth or not in deformation wielding
  • Measure material strap with a flexible rule, calliper, and thickness gauge, and measure the length, diameter, and thickness of round bar stock.
  • Visual observation and toss the material of iron, copper and aluminium. Distinguish soft or hard material according to the sound of falling to the ground.

B. Inspection standard of electroplates:

  •   No scratching, black and white, yellowing, whitish, plating spots, or peeling on the surface. With the label as a standard.

C. Inspection methods:

  • No unconformity to sample and drawing standard by visual observation of the surface
  • Hit electroplates with appropriate strength to see whether fall off

D. Dimension inspection standard:

Measure the dimension required by client or drawings with the medial side of flexible rule, calliper, micrometre, and thickness gage, to see whether actual measuring results within the dimension and allowance request by the client or drawings.

E. Salt spray test standard

1)Brine preparation

Brine concentration used for the test should have a mass fraction of 5%. Thus the quality (weight) ratio between salt and water should be 5:95, i.e. five portions of salt diluted by ninety-five portions of water. Pay attention that salt should be dry enough, or the accuracy of a mass fraction will be affected. There is a strict requirement for water quality and PH value. Use an electronic scale to weigh in the preparation. Pay attention to the weight and accuracy of vessels.

2). Test

Put products in salt spray machine, observe every two hours and keep records.

3). Inspection standard

Different kinds of surface treatment will have different decay resistance. Products used in different places and different customers’ standards vary. Specific products should be subject to customer requirements.

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