Air Fryer Buying Guide and Quality Control | How to Inspect Air Fryers in China?

An air fryer is a bit different from a traditional oven. air fryers cook food using circulated, superheated air. Unlike traditional ovens but similar to deep frying. But unlike frying, cooking in an air fryer requires little to no oil. consumers can use it to make chicken wings, donuts, nuggets, fish fillets, and many other delicious snacks. Therefore, consumers can be healthy and eat healthily. The only thing consumers should consider when using an air fryer is to choose the best cooking oil that can withstand high temperatures.
Recently the demand for air fryers is growing largely since food comes out crispy. especially some small air fryers. And according to Research and Markets, the global air fryer market is set to grow at a 7.1% CAGR through 2025.
Brands leading the way in this category include OMorcTefalMooso, and GoWISE. (Best Air Fryers of 2020 By Kimberly Janeway)
What’s next:
Air fryers have the potential to be the next Instant Pot, which is a product that 20% of US households now own. In fact, a recent survey found that 43.1% of Americans are likely to buy an air fryer in the next 12 months. The same survey also found that consumers are more likely to buy an air fryer than other common kitchen appliances, like toasters, blenders, and slow cookers.

Air Fryer Buying Guide

If you are confused while selecting a suitable small air fryer, read below our buying tips. Consider all these factors to select the best product.

  • a. Size

First, determine which air fryer best suits your needs. If you only have 2-3 family members, then a 2-quart air fryer is perfect for you. If your family is large, choose at least one 8-quart air cooker

  • b. Power

Check the maximum wattage it uses. Usually, the wattage range is between 1,200 and 2,000. A lower wattage can’t use a high temperature than 350ºF. If you want to cook something at a higher temperature, it won’t work. That’s why; check the maximum wattage before selecting a gadget.

Check the maximum wattage used. Generally, the wattage ranges between 1200 and 2,000. Lower power cannot use temperatures higher than 350ºF. If you want to cook at a higher temperature, it will not work properly. This is why before choosing a small air fryer, please check the maximum power.

  • c. Easy-to-Use/Clean

Choose an air fryer that is simple and easy to clean. Obviously, you will use it frequently during the week. Therefore, make sure to choose components with dishwasher-safe components.

  • d. Easy Settings/Control Panel

If you know the technology, choose an air fryer with a touch screen and a few buttons. If you are not familiar with this technology, please choose a simple gadget with an analog control panel.

  • e. Price

Price is another factor to check before choosing an air fryer. Usually, the price of good air fryer ranges from $50 to $500. Check the price and select the product based on the budget.

Anyway, almost all air fryers, no matter small air fryer or family air fryer sold in the world are produced in China.

Air Fryers Quality Control

The quality of air fryers is the most direct demand for buyers, and it is also the most beneficial for sellers to occupy a favorable position in the market; behind all this, quality control in the production process is a very important step for sellers.;

The quality of these air fryers could be ensured through inspections and quality control protocols during Pre-production, during production, and pre-shipment.

Importers must establish effective quality control procedures to ensure the timely delivery of finished products that meet all relevant quality and safety standards. For brands or retailers, active quality control is essential to meet these challenges and optimize supply chain performance.

Air Fryers Quality Inspection in China

AQI Service provides inspection services for small air fryers and family air fryers at every stage: from supplier investigation, audit to the quality control, and final delivery of toilets during the process.

AQI’s quality experts understand the customer’s requirements, ensure that on-site inspections are properly performed on-site, and finalize clear reports to explain and explain all details.

Throughout the quality control process, we will verify the appearance quality, specifications, functions, reliability of your air fryers.

During the Pre-shipment inspection, the inspector should find various defects by inspecting the packaging, markings, labels, instruction manuals, accessories, barcodes, functions, and the appearance/appearance of the product.

During the inspection of air fryers, we found some common major and minor defects, including but not limited to

Defect DescriptionCriticalMajorMinor
Poor workmanship of welding such as inconsistent welding, jumping welding, unsecured weldingXX
Internal Rust markXX
Bend/Warpage PCB. PCBXX
Any component damaged/crackedXX
Circuit shortX
Foreign metal material inside unit (removable and more than 2mm)X
Loose earth connectionX
No intended function, such as light, flash, sound, move, etc.X
Display function missing, unclear, INT, etcX

Why Is It Important To Arrange Air Fryers Inspection?

  • Identify any issues in product size/specification to save cost and time
  • Reduce defects/flaws in the product and maintain a good brand image of the product
  • Save on possible rework and product recall costs
  • Confirm that the products will not be damaged during packaging and loading

How to Inspect the Air Fryers?

air fryers food testing
Air Fryer Food Application Test

Before conducting inspections, AQI technical engineers need to understand your product characteristics to determine key risks. By combining our Air Fryer Inspection Checklist with your unique product specifications and quality requirements, each inspection can be customized.

We will identify and classify defects based on your Acceptance Quality Limits (AQL), verify the quality of mass production, perform product function and reliability tests on-site, and assess your compliance with product specifications and sizes.

Assess the quality of your product materials and workmanship, using several quality control checks and tests, including:

Assembly checkFunction checkFatigue Test
Rub checkTape checkStability test
Running Test Carton Drop CheckInternal test
Hi-Pot testEarth Continuity checkInput Power check
Pull test and Strain relief for the power cordContinuity test for each socketStand by/off power test for ErP
Abnormal testSpark checkSmell check
Application testTime accuracy checkCoating test

Contact us for the detailed Air Fryer Inspection Checklist. or Get a Quote free from here.

Performance and reliability are critical to ensure consumer satisfaction. However, some reliability tests cannot be performed at the inspection site. It requires a specific environment and test equipment to ensure compliance with applicable safety standards and regulatory requirements. AQI Service Inspectors can randomly take samples in production according to customer requirements and forward them to tested by an accredited laboratory.


Author: AQI Service as a professional quality control service company in China specialized in providing a complete range of quality inspection and testing certification services in China & Asia for global importers, buyers, retailers, and sellers.

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