10 Common factors to check during a children toys inspection

Below listed are some comment factors to check during a Children Toys Inspection:

  1. Food contact.
  2. Stuffing material cleanliness.
  3. Safety of battery-operated toys.
  4. Product risk assessment.
  5. Fitness for use.
  6. Labeling and age grade evaluations.
  7. Packaging and packaging waste.
  8. Electric toy safety/EMC.
  9. Certification and safety marks.
  10. Chemicals: lead/CPSIA, heavy metals, phthalates, RoHS, restricted substances.

Function test and Smell CheckToys inspection Function Test and Smell Test

Metal detection test and Barcode Scanning TestToys inspection Metal detection test and barcode scanning test

Children Toys Inspection: Seam Pulling TestToys-Inspection-Seam-Pulling-test

Children Toys Inspection: Stuffing Material CheckToys-Inspection-Stuffing-Material-Check

The quality control services for an Extensive Range of Children’s Toys and Juvenile Products included below:

• Plush toys• Construction toys• Strollers
• Action figures• Accessories;• Full-sized cribs, toddler beds
• Ride-on toys• Books• Bunk beds
• Games• Balls• Play yards
• Art and crafts materials• Seasonal novelties• Infant walkers
• Dolls• Musical toys• Expansion gates
• Electrical and electronic toys• Bicycles• Hook-on chairs
• Collectibles• High chairs• Children’s furniture
• Figurines• Carriages• Reclined cradles

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