Computer Accessories from China and Quality Inspection Services

Computer Accessories From China

Computer accessories manufactured in China, including input devices, output devices, data processing equipment, and other gadgets, are computer cables & connectors, Laptop batteries, USB Hubs, Laptop Cooling Pads, Computer Speakers, Laptop Cases & backpacks, USB Gadgets, Memory Card Readers, Laptop Adapters & Chargers, Skin Protectors, Webcams, Mini PCs, Computer Screen Protectors, Computer Cleaners, Laptop Securities, PC Stations, Docking Stations, motherboard

But the hottest searched products are Game mouse, Wireless mouse, Game keyboard, USB Gadgets, and Air fly keyboard & air mouse.

Quality Inspection with Computer Accessories

We can’t list all common factors for quality inspection here, below are the example for reference,

Computer accessories and quality control China inspection service

General Inspection Checklist for Motherboard

1. Function check: a). Plugin the power, CPU, memory, hard drive, sound card, video card, network card, keyboard, mouse, etc., and connect the monitor to boot. should be no malfunction; b). Play the video files on the internet. should be no malfunction;

2. Check all the Key, indicator, jack, accessories function

3. Assemble check: Assemble the unit according to the description. (e.g. user manual or instruction sheet or any packing)

4. Running Test: Operate the samples continuously for at least 4 hours at +/- 10% of rated voltage or time reference to the user instruction if less than 4 hours, should be no security problems, no functional damage

5. Carton Drop Check: drop the packed carton with one corner, three edges, six sides, at a height of 30inch (﹤9.5kg), or 24inch (9.5kg~18.6kg), or 18inch (18.6kg~27.7kg), or 12inch (27.7kg~45.3kg), or 8inch (45.3kg~68kg) on the cement floor, should be no unit drop out, no any damage on the unit;

6. Hi-pot test for the adapter: 3000V for the adapter, 5mA setting, the adapter should be no breakdown;

7. Battery power level, capacity, voltage test:  check the battery if power level, capacity, and voltage compare to specification or not.

General Inspection Checklist for Mouse

1. Check all the keys, indicators, jacks, accessories if the function works

2. Mechanical check should be no failure

3. Pull test on USB cable: take the mouse cable plugged into the computer’s USB port, pull it out horizontally, the mouse cable should be no damage

4. Rolling and track test: use the test software provided by the factory to check the rolling and track of the mouse, record the actual findings

5. Resolution capacity check (DPI): should be as per client requirements;

6. Fatigue test: 20 times for each button, plug and switch No damage or block;

7. Rub check: Use cotton dripped with water, rub the marking on the rating label, and silk-screen printing or electro-plating by hand for 15 seconds. the marking should be clear after the rub, with no peel off or lite upward on the rating label.

8. Tape check: Use the 3M (600) gummed tape to paste total cover the printing or electro-plating, peel the tape at 90°±30° rapidly

9. Carton drop test: One corner, three edges, six sides, at height standard accordingly to ISTA standard. should be no unit drop out, no damage to the unit.

10. Internal test: open unit, visual, check the workmanship, no damage on component

11. Working and standby current test: measure the working current and standby current respectively, actual record the test data

12. Working frequency measurement (for wireless mouse only): To measure the working frequency for wireless mouse only, and actual record the test data

13. Pairing test for wireless type: For wireless mice (IR, RF, Bluetooth… etc), a pairing test must be done to check the  compatibility, and should be no failure

14. The max working distance ( for wireless mouse only): To measure the max working distance that the wireless signal can cover, actual record the test data

15. Battery voltage measurement ( for wireless mouse only): Use the equipment to measure the battery voltage (for wireless mouse only), actual record the test data

16. System compatibility test: The factory would provide the operating system and just check the USB disk in different kinds of operation systems specified by the instruction manual or package, the test result should match the specification.

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Author: AQI Service as a professional quality control service company in China specialized in providing a complete range of quality inspection and testing certification services in China & Asia for global importers, buyers, retailers, and sellers.

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