Electric Water Kettle Supply from China and Quality Control Service

Electric Water kettle Manufactured in China

In modern electric kettle the heating element is typically fully enclosed, with a power rating of 2–3 kW at 220V. In countries with 110V mains electricity, kettles may be less powerful (1–1.5 kW) to avoid drawing too much current and requiring a very thick supply wire.

In modern designs, once the water has reached boiling point, the kettle automatically deactivates, preventing the water from boiling away and damaging the heating element.

A bimetallic strip thermostat is commonly used as the automatic shut-off mechanism.The thermostat is isolated from the water in the kettle and is instead heated by the steam created when the water boils, which is directed through a duct onto the bimetallic strip. This allows the thermostat to be coarsely calibrated, which in turn allows the kettle to function normally at a wide range of altitudes.

A consequence of this design is that the water kettle may fail to deactivate if the lid is left open, due to an insufficient amount of steam being ducted onto the bimetallic strip.

Electric water kettle is also one of common products manufactured in China, supplier provides many different kettles with different prices, materials also included plastic, stainless steel, glass, metal, ceramic or other material,

Now you can see some famous brand in market like KitchenAid, Cuisinart, Mr. Coffee, Oster, Breville, Hamilton Beach, Delonghi, Black&Decker etc.

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For suppliers you can search on Globalsources and search on Alibaba.com

Below we are briefly introduce Electric Kettle common test factors for quality inspection:

  1. Hi-Pot test: 1500V/0.5mA/1S, no breakdown or flashover
  2. Running Test for 4 hours, no functional problem
  3. Cord strain relief check, 3Kg for 25 times, should be no displacement and the cord insulation no damaged
  4. Earth continuity check: 12V, 1.5times of rated current or 25A( whichever is greater),notexceed 0.1Ω, no breakdown or flashover
  5. Power cord length check-According to specification
  6. Internal check for workmanship: No missing part, No wrong wiring, No wire exposed
  7. Water Rub check, must be legible, not peeled off or removed
  8. 3M Tape check, no peeled off or removed
  9. Boil time check with water filled in: actual time record, No sudden jets or hot water spouts, lid does not fall, no large water drops forming on handle or down onto base. Must shut off after reaching the boiling point
  10. Dry boil test:Thermostat should work without melting or burning, or other safety issues Must restart after reset device is sufficiently
  11. Switch off temperature check: actual temperature record
  12. Critical component marking: actual findings
  13. Barcode readability check, If the result matches with specification
  14. Power consumption check: Less than +5% of rated power and more than -10% of rated power
  15. Power On check, no functional problem for 4 hours, then hi-pot test and function test shall be conducted, all results shall be acceptable
  16. Function check, should be no functional problem
  17. Stability test:Shall not tip over when tilted to a 10 degree angle in any direction( for electric heat appliance increase to 15)
  18. Fuse inside plug (for BS):Approved BS 1363 plug, correct wiring, no loose strands& wire ,no solders, terminal screws, plug screw and fuse holder were secure
  19. Transportation drop carton check, should be no functional problem, no safety problem, no crack
  20. CE/RoHs, WEEE labels location, actual record the position
  21. Color checked with specification or samples
  22. Logo size check
  23. Assembly with all accessories, should be no missed assembly

Water Kettle quality control and product Inspection service