Simple Factory Audit

The Simple Factory Audit Service (SFA), also calls Supplier Qualification Audit, it should be performed before the buyer places an order with a new supplier and it will takes one day.

The Simple Factory Audit service is done at your manufacturer’s premises.


What is Simple Factory Audit (SFA)

The Simple Factory audit or Supplier qualification Audit are based on the ISO9000 standards.

If it’s the first time you work with a factory, or selecting new potential suppliers in China & Asia, as an essential step in securing your supply chain, the simple factory audit also referred as a basic supplier qualification or supplier assessment, supplier evaluation audit etc.

The service is guarantees you start manufacturing your goods at legitimate supplier who can meet your requirements.

Trusting is important but in business you need to know exactly who you are dealing with, a vendor, a factory or even a middleman. even you have a good relationship with the new supplier, or your friends recommended the new supplier.

The SFA may not as exhaustive as the Extensive Factory Audit, but it will give you a good report with picture of your business partner.

Simple Factory Audit Checklist

AQI Auditors will conduct the on-site evaluation of the factory and supplier to enable you to understand the level of reliability of your supplier.

The independent assessment including supplier’s capability, capacity, credentials, facilities, production line management, workforce and more, since the supplier qualification audit is unique, we will combine your specific requrirements or interests by creating an audit checklist including below details:

A. Factory Profile & Experience

Supplier & Facility Name, Contact details, Licenses check, Legal status, Bank account information etc.

B. Facility and Production Line Check

Office, Test Equipment, Production lines and Machinery etc.

C. Employees and Workforce

Management, R&D, QC, Workers etc.

D. Clients & Experience:

Trade history, Sample room and Similar samples check etc.

E.  Management System and Certifications:

Production development, Production management, Storage, IQC, IPQC, FQC, Certificates etc.

F: Quality assurance system

QC manual and managing verify check.

Why you need the Simple Factory Audit Service

  • Avoiding scams and inexperienced vendors
  • Save time and evaluate risks early
  • Compare potential vendors and select viable source
  • Check the needed certificates and licenses for the specific factories
  • Check the experience in manufacturing targeted products of the factory
  • Enable to verify if there are same audited factory in final inspection

Simple Factory Audit Sample Report

Please Download the sample report below, more sample reports you can check the page HERE

simple factory audit and supplier qualification service