Tele Investigation

Tele Investigation Inspection

This Tele-Investigation service includes the verification of all the supplier official documents (business license, export license, certificates and certifications)

  • Service very useful to check the list of the suppliers you have selected by Internet
  • Verify in a first time if your supplier in China really exists and seems serious; so you can avoid being the victim of a scammer or of a dishonest vendor;
  • Check if your supplier has well understand your request; indeed many vendors in China speaks a poor English and use Google to translate; so sometimes the translation is not really adequate;
  • Avoiding communication mistakes because of an inadequate knowledge of the business culture and etiquette in China that are very different from etiquette and business culture in Western Countries;
  • Clarify with your supplier the points that seems unclear to you;
  • Negotiate in Chinese by phone with your suppliers;
  • Help you to conclude commercial negotiations with your suppliers in China.

Learn more from the Tele Investigation Inspection Report Sample