Why You Should Hire Third Party Inspector to Furniture Quality Control in China?

Why Hire Third Party Inspection For Your Furniture Quality Control in China?

All new furniture on display and supplied to consumers should carry appropriate display and permanent labels, with compliance information and cautionary statements.

Recommended for every shipment from AQI Service

  • AQI Service inspects a wide variety of furniture products, including wooden, metal, plastic, upholstered, indoor, outdoor, flat-packed, and fully assembled items.
  • Each furniture inspection includes a comparison with approved samples, moisture content checks, load testing, size, and weight measurements, as well as a thorough visual inspection for structural and aesthetic defects.

Why Hire Third-Party Inspectors?

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It is important to evaluate these products before shipment to ensure that all furniture models are durable enough to normal use while also adhering to the furniture design and materials standards of the respected consumer.

Furniture quality inspections will also verify that industry-standard construction and finishing methods were employed during the manufacturing of your products.

AQI Service can integrate Design and On-Site Engineering Support into any furniture inspection to ensure that your furniture items will fit the spaces they are designed for, be compatible with any optional accessories, and have the structural support to your requirement.

If you manage a brand, retail operation, or have clients that are relying on you to provide a quality product in every shipment, then work closely with your quality inspector, train them and let them know what’s a quality requirement, prepare a detailed quality inspection checklist for your every shipment.

AQI Service team was trained, and our inspectors often have an engineering background. We’ll make sure you have the right team for the job and make the inspection for high product quality. Contact AQI today and schedule your next furniture quality inspection.

Summary of Furniture Quality Inspection included for Wood Bed/Sofa/Chairs/Table/Desk

  • 1, Structure
  • 2, Security(stability,weight loading)
  • 3, Moisture content
  • 4, Surface treatment
  • 5, Paint thickness
  • 6, Color conformance

Below is the Inspection Checklist for common items in Furniture Quality Control:

Rough Mill:

  • Check moisture content on lumber in the kiln. Check moisture on plywood parts.
  • Check to ensure rough-cut parts are the correct length, width, height, or thickness to allow for machining.
  • Check to ensure there are no dead knots in the parts and that the live knots conform to product quality requirements.
  • Inspect for wind shake, splits, honeycombs, cracking, etc.

Lamination Department:

  • Ensure that parts to be laminated are laminated on both sides before clamping.
  • Ensure that grain direction is reversed on all parts being laminated.
  • Inspect for moisture content after the lamination process.
  • Inspect for rough cut sizes to ensure allowances are made for machining, length, width, height, or thickness.

Machine Department:

  • All parts need to be checked for proper size and machining according to the detail.
  • Inspect moisture content. (If the moisture content is above 8% re-dry parts.)
  • All parts machined to spec sheets and F.C. standard spec Bk.
  • No parts are splitting or cracking.
  • There are no open grains.
  • Check for parts being square when applicable.
  • Dry fit parts to check for proper fit.
  • Check all right angles.
  • Inspect tops with a straight edge for warping.
  • Check Rab Parts for proper depth and consistent machining.
  • Check that all reveals are clean at 90% and uniform in size and length.
  • Inspect door style, door, side panels, parting rails, etc. For proper construction and warping (Use straight edge).
  • Check all bored and mortised parts for proper size, and boring.
  • Check all miters and compound miters for consistency and fit.
  • Check to bore for hardware, shelves, and adjustable shelf hole spacing.
  • All reveal and tops are uniform in size.
  • Ensure that Bunn’s feet that cannot be turned into the carcass post have the correct dowel length.

Leather chair Inspection Checklist

Carving Department:

Check that all carvings are consistent and complete. ( Used mirror image concept)

Pre Assembly:

Check to ensure that parts fit properly.

Pre Sanding – Parts Sanding:

  • Ensure all parts are sanded properly.
  • Ensure that the edges are broken on all parts.
  • Pre-fill all tops that have an open grain.


  • Check the circus to ensure proper fit at all joints and that they are properly glued and screwed.
  • Ensure the circus is leveled. (Sits Level)
  • Check out circus for square.
  • Check all door and drawer compartments for square and proper dimensions. Check circus top for level, front, back, and sides (Use straight edge)
  • Ensure that all items are strong and stable. (Use-weight test by applying minimal pressure)
  • Check corner blocks to ensure they have been glued and screwed. Check parting rails to include dust bottom for proper fit and that they are not warping.
  • Check all under arts for uniformity. (Table Apron)
  • Check to ensure proper bridging is installed on all tables.
  • Check for proper Drawer Construction and pitch.
  • Check for proper shelf fitting and clearance for no sticking and proper clearance. ( By F.C. Specs Book)
  • Check to ensure that all inside and outside dimensions are correct according to the overall size.
  • Check chair seat depths.
  • Ensure that all pitches conform to specifications.
  • Ensure no gauges, scratches, dents, nails, or splintered areas are on the item.

Wooden Chairs Accessories Inspection Checklist

  • All drawers and door edges need to be rounded. (Hand Sand Edges)
  • Ensure that all overlays have been properly aligned, glued, and pinned nailed.
  • All doors and side panels being solid or veneered panels must have a floating panel construction. (Check Spec. Book for Construction)
  • Check all legs for champer and rounding.
  • Ensure all Bunn’s feet have been glued and screwed. Insure back panels are square and screwed on, not glued.
  • Check tops for proper installation, fit, and screwing.
  • Insure brass is permanently fixed with epoxy and nailed and taped for finishing purposes.

Author: AQI Service as a professional quality control service company in China specialized in providing a complete range of quality inspection and testing certification services in China & Asia for global importers, buyers, retailers, and sellers.

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