Hats & Caps Product Inspection And quality Control Service

Popular Hats&Caps in Market

Hats, caps & berets from around the world, Check MEN’S Hats and Caps and WOMEN’S Hats and Caps in Amazon, and other beautiful hats and caps in Esty. also, check the history of hats and caps if you are interested.

Different kinds of Men’s Hats&Caps

Balaclavas/Baseball Caps/Cowboy Hats/Fedoras/Newsboy Caps/Rain Hats/Skullies & Beanies/Sun Hats/Visors

Different kinds of Women’s Hats&Caps

Hats & Caps product inspection and quality control serviceBalaclavas/Baseball Caps/Berets/Bomber Hats/Bucket Hats/Cold Weather Headbands/Cowboy Hats/Fedoras/Newsboy Caps/Rain Hats/Skullies & Beanies/Sun Hats/Visors

And you will want other kinds of hats and caps like below

Fashion Hat
Fedora Hat
Flat Cap
Fleece Hat
Funky winter hat
Hairpin PVC sun visor
Jacquard Knitting Hat
Jacquard Knitting Cap
Kids Baseball Cap
Knitting Hat
Knitted Pom Pom Beanie
Paper Straw Hat
Pirate Hat
Polar Fleece Hat
Ribbon Floppy Hat
Sports Cap
Satin Santa Claus Hat
Spandex Beanie Hat
Stretchable Cap
Swimming Cap
Top Hat
Winter Hat with fleece lining

There also divide hats and caps by style/brand/Outdoor/Flat/Season.

When you importing the hats and caps from manufactures, think about the quality and you will like to send an inspector to check if the factory manufactured what you require.

Here are some common factors to check for Hats&caps during the quality control service

  • Material: Cotton/Polyester/T C/CVC/Nylon/Leather/velvet/Grass/PVC/Non-woven/Paper
  • Hats composition: Cap eyebrow/Hat bodies/Oxygen hole/Top Button/Strap regulation/Anti-sweat Article/Size strip/Reinforcement/Cap eyebrow
  • Size: Circumference/Perimeter
  • Fitting Test
  • Workmanship/Appearance/Process check