How to identify towel ’s visible quality defects

How to identify visible defects in towel textiles? contact AQI Service: to the usage and shape of textiles, the towel textiles can be usually divided into face towel, pillow towel, bath towel, sweat towel, napkin, toweling coverlet, terry towel and other decorative accessories.

As the quality of towel textiles, it can be majorly identified from three aspects, namely the physical index, weaving defect and visible defect. The physical index needs to be identified by instrument.

The weaving defect and visible defect are called as the surface defects, which can be identified by the visual examination.

  1. Weaving defect. It mainly includes warp-lacking, weft-lacking, galling (no piling), the starting mark, irregular terry, plain cloth galling (the reverse side of single face towel), raw edge, curled selvage, serrated edge and skipped stitch. To identify the above defects, we can see through the textiles in the sunshine or observe the textiles by keeping them flat.
  2. Visible Defect. It mainly includes wrong color, mixed color, rust stain, stain, oil stain, crooked wooden seal and vagueness. They are the defects of printing and bleaching & dyeing, which can be identified by naked eyes.
  3. Fragile defective products. Because of improper bleaching and coloration, it results in oxidized cellulose or hydro-cellulose, further to produce fragile textiles. In very serious cases, the textiles are broken by poking. Under normal circumstance, the gray white or gray textiles have the above problems. Otherwise, by pulling out two cotton yarns from the textile, if the breaking sound of yarn is crisp, the textile is high-quality; if there is no crispness, the textile is defective.

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