How Do Our Office and Inspectors Back to Work During COVID-19?

Since the outbreak came suddenly at the end of last year, the fight against the epidemic has become the main theme of the Chinese New Year. After doing so hard to self-control social gatherings for a month, Chinese people gradually recover from the COVID-19, business resumed, too.

Since then, our AQI China Team has fully resumed (except the Hubei area) for more than one month, now we’d like to talk about how our office staff and inspectors back to work and the “sequelae” of the COVID-19 for our work.

Office Staff

AQI Service Back to Work During COVID-19True friendship stands out in a difficult time; many customers have expressed their concern for us when the epidemic broke out. It is heartwarming that some of our customers donated masks to us and affected areas in need.

Since the announcement of the company resume from government transmitted, we act accordingly followed the government’s instruction:

  1. Apply to the local government to resume work through the internet.
  2. Government staff came to the office to review our resume members and the environment.
  3. Post the epidemic prevention education document on the company’s bulletin board.

After doing that, the office staff could back to work. But these are not all we should do: staff need take body temperature to enter the office building, the elevator can’t deliver more than 3 people at the same time, people wear masks all day, wash hands with disinfection gel before entering the office, mopping the floor with disinfection water is our daily work.


China Inspectors Back to Work During COVID-19Once the inspector receives the request of inspection, as a protective measure he should submit the application form, health reports, and latest isolated record for latest 14 days inter-province or inter-city for review before visiting,  but sometimes he could still be blocked by the local government or factory as they are trying to avoid risks of COVID-19 infection. Luckily our inspectors reside locally, so even there is a block, they could get the entrance quickly.

When it comes to travel, because most public transportation is idle and the number of carriers is limited, it is sometimes difficult to buy tickets. In some areas, the traffic is completely suspended and it is difficult to reach, especially in Hubei Province. In March, we suspended the inspection service in Hubei Province. Before the outbreak, inspectors took the bus and subway to the factory. Now they usually take Didi (a taxi similar to Uber) or drive by themselves, which will greatly increase travel costs.

When the inspector arrives at the factory, he/she is not allowed to directly enter the factory’s warehouse and inspection room. Before entering the factory, the factory security will measure the inspector’s temperature, spray clothes and shoes with disinfectant before and after the inspection, and wear Good masks and gloves.

As people are avoiding human interactions, the cooperation of factory staff: move carton, unpack and pack products, assemble products, operating test instruments and so on is limited, due to everyone has to keep at least a meter distance from each other. The inspection workload increase leads to inspection processes going on slowly and inspectors are more tiring.

However, as a special requirement, for certain items, the inspector cannot wear gloves, because it will affect the feel of the product, which will affect the results of the product inspection, so the inspector still needs to take off the gloves during the inspection process to touch the product, But they wash their hands with disinfectant gel before and after wearing gloves.

Although the measures to prevent viral infections are confusing and everyone ’s travel is still a potential risk, our inspectors will not be afraid to overcome all obstacles to protect themselves and do our best to assist you in quality control of the supply chain to ensure that The product quality can still be guaranteed under this crazy epidemic.

PPE and Masks from China

Now as the COVID-19 spread gradually faster in countries outside China, some customers told us that we can’t place Amazon’s warehouse receipts, or the country has blocked, they have been suspended from work, which is inconvenient to receive goods. Therefore, they can only temporarily store the goods in the factory, and the inspection has been delayed accordingly. We received a lot of inspection requirement such as mask, protection suit, respirator form clients, and we know many clients are looking for safety items related to COVID-19 from China now, AQI reminds you to pay more attention to the quality and authenticity when you purchase, if your need inspection for any of your products, please feel free to reach us

AQI Service reminds everyone to wear a mask when going out, spray disinfection liquid when entering the house, wash hands with disinfectant hand sanitizer, reduce the frequency of going out and group gathering, This is not only for yourself but also for friends and family around you. Spring is coming, things will getting change, but our concern for you and the quality of your products will never change.


  1. Has your product sales been hit?
  2. Has your supply chain been affected?
  3. Are you worried that the product quality will change during the epidemic?
  4. Can you share the next step of the supply chain or quality control?

Welcome to share your comments below.

Author: AQI Service as a professional quality control service company in China specialized to provide a complete range of quality inspection and testing certification services in China & Asia for global importers, buyers, retailers, and sellers.

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