Houseware, Kitchenware, Cookware, Kitchen Appliances Product Inspection Service

Housewares/Kitchenware/Cookware/Kitchen Appliances from China

Most cookware or kitchen appliances in homes and commercial establishments these days are noticeably made in China.

These kitchen appliances should undergo various stages of inspection and quality control tests; namely: Pre-production inspection, During-production Inspection, and Pre-shipment inspection, to ensure that they are safe and would perform as intended.

AQI Service is the leading kitchenware and cookware inspection and quality control services provider in China and has helped a wide range of appliance brands, importers and retailers to perform high-level inspections and on-site testing, to secure the shipment and ensure their products are first-rate.

Houseware Kitchenware Cookware Kitchen Appliance Product Inspection Service

Different kinds of Kitchenware

  1. Airline porcelain tableware/dinnerware
  2. Beer Cup
  3. Bowl
  4. Bone China Mugs
  5. Ceramic Plates
  6. Coffee Cup
  7. Cups&Saucers
  8. Enamel Casserole
  9. Frypan
  10. High-end Colored porcelain tableware
  11. Hexagon Mini Glass Jar
  12. Goblet
  13. Glass Spice Bottles
  14. Ice Cream cup
  15. Porcelain Mugs
  16. Plate sets
  17. Melamine
  18. Round glass Jam Jars
  19. Stainless steel egg whisk
  20. Stainless steel measuring cups
  21. Stainless steel measuring spoons
  22. Soup Tureens
  23. Stoneware Mugs
  24. Stoneware Dinnerware

Some common factors from Houseware/Kitchenware/Cookware/Kitchen Appliance Quality control/Inspection Service

  1. Metal release
  2. Water absorption
  3. Crazing resistance
  4. Impact test
  5. Thermal shock endurance
  6. Metal marking
  7. Dishwashing
  8. Microwave safe
  9. Translucency
  10. Tabletop testing
  11. Resistance to freezing and freezing to oven
  12. Resistance to the freezer to microwave
  13. Thermally toughened glass panels
  14. Annealing on glass
  15. Chemical Analysis: Phosphorous, Calcium contents
  16. Cutlery and table hollowware

Some of the international standards which we employ in developing our inspection protocols include

IEC 60335-2-14

This International Electrotechnical Commission standard covers the general safety requirements for home kitchen appliances. Some of the appliances covered by IEC 60335-2-4 are potato peelers, noodle maker, mincers, blenders, food mixers, and can openers.

IEC 60335-2-64

The safety requirements for commercial kitchen appliances such as mixers, blenders, beaters, graters, and peelers are covered by this IEC standard. Further, IEC 60335-2-64 deals with the internationally accepted protection level against dangers including mechanical, fire, electrical, and radiation.

UL 197

This Underwriters Laboratories Inc. standard provides the general safety requirements for commercial cooking appliances. Some of the kitchen appliances covered by UL 197 are conductive cookers, ranges, steam cookers, griddles, fryers, and coffee makers.


This ANSI-recognized NSF International standard provides food protection and sanitation requirements for food preparation and related kitchen appliances. Guidelines in the design, production, performance, and materials of these appliances are specified in NSF / ANSI 2.

IEC 60335-2-25 and IEC 60705

The microwave oven is a widely used kitchen appliance today. IEC 60335-2-25 provides the safety requirements for household microwave ovens. This standard is intended to provide users with the minimum accepted level of protection against electrical, mechanical, heat, and other foreseeable hazards when using microwaves. IEC 60705 provides the test procedures for measuring the performance of household microwave ovens. IEC 60705 includes the acceptable level of performance and test methods in cooking egg custard, sponge cake, meatloaf, and chicken.

ANSI/AHAM HRF-1, IEC 60335-2-24 and IEC 60335-2-34

These standards deal with refrigerators and related kitchen appliances. ANSI/AHAM HRF-1 provides the test procedures for determining energy consumption, performance, and capacity of refrigerators and freezers intended for household use. IEC 60335-2-24 provides specific safety requirements for refrigerators and related kitchen appliances. IEC 60335-2-34 specifies the safety requirements for motor-compressors used in refrigerators and freezers.

IEC 60661 and UL 1082

These standards deal with coffee makers. IEC 60661 specifies the test procedures for evaluating the performance of household coffee makers. Congruently, the safety requirements for household coffee makers are covered by UL 1082.

ASTM F1371-04, ASTM F919-10

These ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards deal with pre-cooking kitchen appliances. ASTM F1371-04 covers the requirements for kitchen appliances intended for peeling vegetables. Machines intended for slicing food are covered by ASTM F919-10.

UL 921, ANSI/ASSE 1008

These standards deal with appliances for cleaning and for disposal of kitchen waste. UL 921 provides the safety requirements for commercial dishwashers. ANSI/ASSE 1008 deals with the performance requirements and test methods for food waste disposers installed in kitchen sink outlets.

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