How to Perform LED light Product Inspection and Quality Control in China

Different LED Light manufactured in China

Now the LED light’s applications are booming and affecting more and more new areas. And it attracts large foreign giants of electronics. There are places for companies that will be innovative. below are many different kinds of Lights in the market:

  • 1. Flood Lights
  • 2. Tube Lights
  • 3. High bay light
  • 4. Panel lights
  • 5. Street light
  • 6. Downlights light
  • 7. Spotlight
  • 8. Candles
  • 9. Strip lights
  • 10. Light bulbs
  • 11. Par lamp
  • 12. Ceiling light
  • Other led lights

LED Products sourcing in China

As many consumers knew the main challenge of the LED item, it’s to preserve the environment. The LED have long life span than the Halogen lamps (40 000 hours of use for LED whereas the Halogen lamps have a life span of 2000 hours) .but many consumers also don’t know the LED’s dangers, so we would like to recommend you three things when you are importing LED lights from China

  • LED Light Factory Audit
  • LED Light Inspection / Quality Control
  • LED Light Test and Certification 

LED Light Factory Audit

You will like to see if your supplier can produce your goods, it’s recommended to check the genuineness of your future supplier and their capabilities. For you, Asia Quality Inspection Service Co., Ltd can inspect the LED Light Factories in China and Asia.

During an Audit, our auditors will visit the premises of your supplier and will assess its capability to manufacture the required goods with the quality standard you are willing to reach

LED Light Product Inspection / Quality Control and Product Testings

LED Light Products quality control and produt testing service in China

To save costs and earn more profit, many light manufacturers in Asia (and more especially in China) can change your material for “fake material” to increase their benefits. In order to avoid this, it is better to carry out a third-party quality inspection.

Our Quality Inspection Service helps you to verify how your production is going on, how is the result of what you are expecting to obtain, what your product is made of, if the production is on time, how your goods are shipped, to monitor your production, and to sort out defective products.

Meanwhile, in order to check if your LED light products are following the law in your country, it’s better to realize certification. Each country (or continent) has each their certifications.

These certifications demonstrate the LED was accepted by many tests, and it was not a danger for your health, the environment…

LED Lights Product inspection and quality control servince in China

Below listed for some general on-site tests and checks for lighting quality control:

  1. Light Function and Application test
  2. Assembly check
  3. Hi-Pot test
  4. Earth Continuity check
  5. Running test (power on)
  6. Fatigue Test for all buttons or adjustable parts
  7. Torque test
  8. Internal check
  9. Power cord strain relief test (for European) /pull test (for the US)
  10. 3M Tape check on silk-screen/painting/electroplate
  11. Rub check on the rating label
  12. Power cord strain relief test (lighting)
  13. Stability test
  14. Carton drop test
  15. Smell test
  16. Color comparison check
  17. Polarity test for US market
  18. Fitness check for lamp and lamp holder
  19. Lumens test
  20. Vibration test
  21. Power consumption of the bulb
  22. Luminous efficiency check for energy safe bulb
  23. High and low-temperature working test
  24. The color temperature of bulb check
  25. Reliability Test for all lamps
  26. Spare bulb checking
  27. Power consumption check (input power)
  28. Pull test: (collar and lamp holder) –light chain
  29. Pull test: (Supply cable and plug) –light chain
  30. Series connection test
  31. Life test

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Author: AQI Service as a professional quality control service company in China specialized in providing a complete range of quality inspection and testing certification services in China & Asia for global importers, buyers, retailers, and sellers.

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