Man-days Calculation in Quality Control Services

What is Man-days in Quality Control Management?

When you talk to any third-party inspection company to get quotes for services, they will tell you that most of their quality control services are billed based on “Man-days”, which roughly amounts of working time that one certified quality inspector can do in one day, no matter in the quality inspection or factory audit services.

Shoes quality check and man-days calculationAs in the quality control industry the man-day is considered as a workload unit, the “man-day” is a system that allows direct and quick QC cost calculations.

–“Man”: both women and men work as inspectors. Qualified staff is crucial for reliable quality control. Inspectors spend their time checking products quality and conformity in factories in order to protect the importers’ interests.

–“days”: A meaningful inspection takes four to six hours. Inspectors should only perform one QC per day, to ensure reliable results.

Most of these jobs will be done in one Man-Day, after you send detailed information including product specifications, supplier information, inspection checklist, etc., a third-party inspection company will finally confirm the actual amount of man-days needed.

How Do We Make Man-days Calculation?

Please note that for each check we calculate the working hours based on the following information and then switch to the working day required for service:

  • –Traveling to and from the factory takes only half of the time. (Usually, we calculate the travel time in the morning)
  • –Time spent at the inspection site.
  • –The working hours of each inspector are calculated separately.
  • –According to the location of our QC inspectors, we usually send the QC inspectors closest to the factory first to save more travel time for services

Many clients asked that 1 man day is equal to how many hours? will the QC inspector spend 8 hours in the factory? please check the man days calculation construction for the time for each inspector or auditor will be counted like below, and then the customer will know the number of man-days

  • —1 Man-day: Can be up to 11 hours but the inspector left no later than 6 PM
  • —1.5 Man-days: 11-14 hours
  • —2 Man-days: 14 or more hours

Please note overtime costs will be charged if inspection delays after 6:00 PM. and in most of cases, the 1.5 man-day or 2 man-days meaning the third party inspection company will send 2 Qc for 1 day work or two days work for 1 QC.

Man-days Calculation Examples

Example 1:

Inspector travels 2 hours to the factory and spends 6 Hours for inspection at factory, and left the factory before 6 PM, that means a total of 8 hours spends for this inspection, so the total is one man-day

Example 2:

A third-party inspection company sends two inspectors, and each inspector spends 7 hours for inspection and left the factory before 6 PM, which means a total of 14 hours are counted, and the total man-day count is two man-days

Here we provided a basic recommended amount of Man-days for each service in order to keep our services at a high level of transparency, that you could learn how to calculate the man-days.

Product Inspection in China for Amazon FBA

How Many Man-days are Required for a Pre-shipment Inspection?

Most of the Pre-shipment Inspections will only require one man-day but depends on different AQL sampling method or sample size. Some PSI inspections will require two man-days, Kindly Check the example of Man-days Calculation for pre-shipment inspection below

Example: Tablets Inspection

  • Sample size 80pcs requires 1 man-day
  • Sample size 200pcs requires 2 man-days

Example: T-shirts in Garment Inspection

  • one style, 3 color sets, 5 sizes in each color set, and a sample size total of 125pcs, one man-day will be required in the inspection
  • 3 styles, 9 color sets, 5 sizes in each color set, and a sample size total of 200pcs, two man-days will be required in the inspection

Please note the actual number of required mandays may vary because it’s also related to the location of the factory, and the preparation of the goods in the factory, that’s why the man-days are first quoted by a third-party inspection company, but they will double confirm the price again once they have all information in hand.

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Container loading inspection, container loading supervision

How Many Man-days are Required for Container Loading Inspection?

Most of the Container Loading Inspection / Supervision will only require one man-day, but the Man-days Calculation also depends on different requirements in supervision

  • How many items will be loaded into the container?
  • If the inspector should verify every item by opening item of boxes
  • How many pieces of each item should be checked before loading?
  • Are any special requirements that the inspector has to verify before loading?
  • If the 2 containers will load at the same time of the day?
  • How many containers loads on that day?

How Many Man-days are Required for Supplier Audit?

The factory audit man days calculation is similar to quality inspection services, most the supplier audits are only required one man-day, the number of man-days required in an Extensive Factory Audit depends on the size of the factory and the number of employees.

Anyway, most Simple Factory Audit Service will only need one Man-day


From the above explanation, You will find that the number of man-days required in quality control services could be different because of:

  • Different types of inspection services,
  • Different inspection requirements,
  • Different sampling quantities,
  • Different types of products,
  • The factory is located may in a remote industrial area 
  • Others

So we always ask the client to provide us below information to double confirm the man-days needed, let us know if you have any questions

  • Product name
  • Product specifications
  • Type of Inspection (check out 5 types of inspection)
  • The factory address where the inspection will take place

All of the information is related to your quality control management, which involves the budget of quality control, quality control method, inspection standard, and Acceptance quality level (AQL), and we believe you will have most of the information before the mass production in the factory.

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