13 Main On-site Tests During a Coffee Maker Inspection

Where to Conduct On-Site Tests During Coffee Maker Inspections

On-site tests can be performed during a coffee maker inspection, for example, during production inspection or pre-shipment inspections. These tests merely complement the results of the laboratory test: they are performed on a bigger sample size (based on AQL special inspection levels S1 or S2 most of the time, Learn more from the AQL Table). And their great advantage is the low cost and easy logistics.


What are On-Site Tests in Coffee Maker Inspection

Here we are going to share on-site tests in a coffee maker inspection that our inspector did during the Pre-shipment Inspection and hope to help you understand better the quality control service.

1. Assembly check: 

Assemble the unit according to the description. (e.g., user manual or instruction sheet or any packing)

2. Function check: 

  • Power ON/OFF function test
  • Led indicator light function test
  • The hour and minute buttons must set the display as intended
  • When pressed, the Program button must work as intended.
  • Detailed function claimed on gift box and instruction manual

3. Fatigue Test

20 times for each button, plug, and switch

4. Rub Check

Use cotton dripped with water, rub the marking on the rating label, and silk-screen printing or electro-plating by hand for 15 seconds.

5. Tape Check

Use the 3M (600) gummed tape to paste total cover the printing or electro-plating, peel the tape at 90°±30° rapidly;

6. Stability Test

Place the product in the most unfavorable position under normal use 15-degree incline, the product does not cause a plane inclined plate slide.

7. Running Test

Operate the samples continuously for at least 4 hours at +/- 10% of rated voltage or time reference to the user instruction if less than 4 hours

Coffee Maker Running Test

8. Carton Drop Check:

One corner, three edges, six sides, at the height of

  • 30inch (﹤9.5kg)
  • 24inch (9.5kg~18.6kg)
  • 18inch (18.6kg~27.7kg)
  • 12inch (27.7kg~45.3kg)
  • 8inch (45.3kg~68kg) on the cement floor.

9. Hi-pot test: 

3S, setting. 3500V for class II; 1500V for class I

Coffee Maker Hi-Pot Test

10. Earth continuity check: 

25A for 1 second, ≤ 0.1ohm

11. Input Power check:

Heating appliance:

  • within +5% and -10% of﹥200W,
  • within ±10% of 25W~200W,
  • within +20% of ≤25W;

12. Application test: 

Use coffee for real function check

Coffee Maker Application Test

13. Internal check : 

Inspector will open the unit, visual check the workmanship, and no damage to the component. Check whether the components conform with CDF(Construction Data Form) or not, etc.

Coffee Maker Internal check

For other on-site tests, welcome to contact us at info@aqiservice.com. To check the quality inspection standard with us, we will be glad to help with everything in quality control service in China.


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