Phone accessories wholesale from China and quality control, repacking service

Different kinds of mobile/cell phone accessories wholesale from China
As importers knew that China supply most of phone accessories to all of the world, You can find many phone accessories supplier for your Amazon or Ebay or other online business. some importers also buy the mobile phone and phone accessories from wholesale market in Guangzhou, Shenzhen. cellphone accessories wholesale and quality control service From Asia quality inspection service company-AQI Service

China is the biggest consumer electronic and digital supply market in world, products not all included mobile phone, mobile phone accessories like:

Phone holder, Bluetooth headset, USB flasher, data cable, battery, Mobile power bank, card reader and memory card, repair tools for mobile phone, silicon case, leather case, stylus pen and anything about mobile phone, Also you Can get millions of mobile phone spare parts for repairing, like LCD display, flex cable, touch screen, and small parts like microphone, camera, buzzer, charger connector and so on.

 cellphone accessories wholesale and quality control service From Asia quality inspection service company-AQI Service

As a professional quality inspection company, we helped lots of e-commerce seller and importers to control the quality of shipment, even repack them with custom packaging and private label, below are some common factors to check for phone accessories:

1. Battery quality check:

1-1: Voltage test, check if the related voltage of battery between 3.8-4.2,
1-2: Assembly or function check
1-3: Rub check with the marking
1-4: Tape check with the printing
1-5: Carton drop test
1-6: Charging and discharging test: Charging-record the charging time and charging current, and the voltage after full charging; Discharging: Measure the full discharging voltage and record the time
1-7: Capacity Check, measure the battery capacity in test equipment;
1-8: Short circuit test: short the battery, ensure the battery could not explode

2. Headphone quality check:

2-1: Visual inspection whether the model headphones stickers, stickers model is correct, whether the plug rusted wire without damage,
2-2: Function test: plug in headphones to confirm whether the phone will automatically hang up (automatic hook was defective products ),
2-3: Headphones on both sides of the sound is normal, should to be no monophonic, single complex, no sound other phenomena etc issue.

Email us for more tests or questions.

3. Cables quality check

3-1: Check the marking on cable
3-2: Internal test
3-3: Flexibility test, bend the cable 20 times as fast and no damaged
3-4: Connecting test for plug, socket or connector, check the plug connecting and should fit to standard port/socket, not loosen and not too tight.
3-5: Pull test on cable with 15lbs/1 minute, the cable should no broken and no damaged.

For testing with more phone accessories, welcome to contact us anytime!

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