Product Inspection

What is a Product Inspection

Product Inspection is a process to check the status and quality of your goods, during all steps of production sourcing, in order to ensure that you will get what you ordered.

Independent inspections of your products, at various stages of the product’s life cycle, will help you to make sure that all your requirements, specifications and criteria you gave to the factory are being taken into account by your supplier and implemented properly, and help you to identify critical defects before products hit the market.

Through our network of quality assurance specialists, we can provide you customized quality control plans wherever your suppliers are based in Asia. Our product inspection services cover the complete range of consumer products, from furniture and electronics all the way to toys, cosmetics, textiles, footwear and many more.

Product Inspection Service helps you to secure your goods all along the procurement cycle!


Types of Product Inspection Services

By Sending skilled inspectors to your supplier’s facility with your specifications and criteria in hand, receive a timely and detailed report of your goods, that’s one of best effective way to confirm your products meet your expectations before shipping.

According to the different period of importing process, the different types of product inspection service listed as below:

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Product Inspection Service Helps You To Secure Your Goods All Along The Procurement Cycle!

Here are the main Types of Inspection Service

1) Pre-Production Inspection (PPI)

A Pre-Production Inspection (PPI Inspection) is the next step after supplier identification and qualification,

Generally it’s conducted once raw materials are received, verify if the factory is able to begin production and all the product specifications and quality requirements are understood. (Learn more)

2) During Production Inspection (DPI Or DUPRO)

During Production Inspection (DPI or DUPRO Inspection) is an on-site production inspection, also in-process inspection performed when 20-50% of your production is completed and packed for shipping.

The DUPRO inspection ensures that all processes and products are being produced to the agreed standards and timeframes, also as a follow-up inspection with quality issues been found during a Pre-Production Inspection. (Learn more)

3) Pre Shipment Inspection (PSI)

The Pre shipment Inspection or PSI inspection also called Final Random Inspection (FRI) is to ensure the products have been manufactured match to the Clients specifications and packed ready to ship. it’s a quality control method to help you ensure the quality of completed goods.

The Pre-shipment Inspection is a systematic inspection of samples of random selected from the shipment, normally it will be performed when 100% of products have been completed and the order at least 80% packed. (Learn more)

4) Container Loading Supervision/Inspection

Container Loading Supervision Service also calls Container Loading Inspection (CLI/CLS) ensure your finished goods are handled correctly  as a safe transportation when loaded into containers and ship to final destination, so the service is kind of cargo inspection before it load into container. (Learn more)

Product Inspection Expertise

We specialized in quality control inspection and audit services across a range of consumer products among the Softlines (Garments, Footwear, Textiles), Hardlines (Toys, Electronics & Electrical, Cosmetics, Jewelry, Eyewear), Homeware, Construction and other industries. (Lear more)

Product Inspection Coverage

AQI Service provides efficient and timely quality control services in China & Asia through extensive QC network.

AQI Service’s technical team in Operation Center Office customizes the working instructions based on client’s specifications and requirements, to guide the QC inspectors to perform the inspections in all main cities in China and other regions in Asia like Vietnam, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Indonesia etc.

Product Inspection Standard

The inspections’ comprehensive criteria cover packing, packaging, labels, product function, performance, overall appearance, and dimensions.

We use the internationally recognized ANSI/ASQ Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1) statistical sampling procedure, ensuring that the inspected products are a representative sample, not a sample that your supplier wants you to test. To determine the sample size and acceptance threshold, we use the international Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) standard (Lear more)

Why Should to perform a Product Inspection for the shipment?

By providing quality control services or product inspection services, AQI Service offers it’s clients a straight forward way to limit commercial risks when importing or exporting from China or Asia. the product inspection services help you:

  • Check if the quantity produced (finished and packed) matches with the quantity ordered.
  • Ensure visual appearance (color, finish) matches with product ordered.
  • Check if the product specifications (measurements, material, functions) comply with the order information.
  • Verify packaging, labeling, instructions and markings comply with mandatory standards
  • Avoid recalls and reputational damage
  • Anticipate production and shipment delays
  • Optimize your quality control budget and supply chain

Which Product Inspection Service Should to Choose?

Deally, booking quality inspections at all stages of the production will ensure maximum protection. In order to save inspection costs, most buyers purchasing low to medium volumes will only choose to inspect at 2 or 3 steps of the production, (our most popular inspections are the During Production Inspection and the Pre Shipment Inspection). We can work with you to help you determine the best option for your company.

What Should To Do in the case of a Failed Inspection?

Note than ONLY YOU can accept or reject a shipment, so you get to decide how many defects are acceptable. You should study the product inspection report in detail and discuss results and future actions with your factory. You should also consider our defect sorting service on a specific sampling size or on the full quantity.

The Benefits from AQI Product Inspection Services

  • All-inclusive pricing for inspections
  • Quality assurance specialists to ensure the inspection complete of transparency and integrity
  • Speed and Flexibility booking 24 hours prior to inspections