Container Loading Supervision (CLS)

Container Loading Supervision/Inspection


Container loading supervision service also calls container loading inspection (CLI/CLS) ensures that the correct styles, sizes and quantities have been loaded correctly and safely onto the container.

It always happens in the supplier’s warehouse or the forwarder’s warehouse, During the loading supervision, our inspector not only to supervise the loading of the correct products and correct quantity, but also to inspect the correct packaging and the quality of goods. and that’s why lots of logistics company work with us for a long-term relationship.

AQI quality inspectors will be on the field to represent your company’s interests by:

  • Recording loading conditions (weather, container number, truck number etc…)
  • Inspecting packaging (inside and out) for physical damage and peculiar smells
  • Inspecting the quantity of goods loaded
  • Performing a random quality “spot-check” to the goods
  • Supervising the whole loading process
  • Recording the seal number of containers

Download Container Loading Supervision Report Sample

Highlights of this Container Loading Supervision (CLS) Service

We provide the status of the container itself.

  • The right goods, no replacement of products possible.
  • The quantity of the boxes is exact.
  • Supervise the workers to load the goods carefully (limitation of broken goods due to loading).
  • The inspector can call the office so that you get immediate feedback. If you read your e-mails quickly and if you have instructed your vendor to wait for your green light before shipping, you have a chance of stopping disasters.
  • The container is forwarded to your company.
  • The container whether affixed seal.
  • We perform a final check on packing.

So you will get benefits

  • Reduce the risk of wrong quantity, wrong products, or damaged merchandise shipped
  • Improve your sourcing efficiency
  • Save your money, save your time!