During Production Inspection (DPI/DUPRO Inspection)

What is During Production Inspection (DPI or DUPRO Inspection)

During Production Inspection (DPI or DUPRO Inspection) is an on-site production inspection, also in-process inspection performed when 20-50% of your production is completed and packed for shipping.

The DUPRO inspection could identifies deviations, product issues early in the manufacturing cycle, it provides a quality check, normally for the first time of the finished products.

The DUPRO inspection ensures that all processes and products are being produced to the agreed standards and timeframes, also as a follow-up inspection with quality issues been found during a Pre-Production Inspection.

Our professional quality engineer will provide recommendations on the most appropritate corrective actions, to ensure a smoothly running production, and the inspection report with full information will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

AQI-Product-quality-control-Process-flow-chart, During production inspection
During production inspection, DPI Inspection or DUPRO Inspection

During Production Inspection Checklist

The DPI/DUPRO inspection generally covers the items such as:

  • Verify the Production and Quality Plan
  • Inspect the Storage Condition
  • Inspect the Packaging & Labeling
  • Barcode Verification
  • Inspect Semi-Finished Products in Key Proccess
  • Workmanship Appearance Random Inspection Based on AQL
  • Function, Size and Measurement
  • Reliability and Safety Tests
  • Other specified requirements from client

Sampling techniques will be the internationally-recognzed AQL Sampling procedures ANSI/ASQC Z1.4-2003 (ISO 2859-1) or other sampling technique required by you.

Why Do You Need A During Production Inspection (DPI or DUPRO Inspection)

As an important part of quality control program, DUPRO inspection can help customers:

  • Assure that the mass production quality is the same as the golden sample:
  • Implement the necessary corrective actions before having too many defects.
  • Be aware of the percentage of defects of finished products.
  • The exact statement of the production planning:
  • Avoid unnecessary costs and delays.

Benefits of During Production Inspection (DPI or DUPRO Inspection):

  • Solve the quality problems during manufacturing process to prevent further issues or defects.
  • Reduction of late delivery risk.
  • Save your time, save your money!

Inspection Service Coverage

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