Inspection in Thailand & Factory Audit

Product Inspection in Thailand

The product quality management constantly needs during manufacturing and operation, the substandard goods in shipment are always costly to importers. as they have to require additional money and time for rework, and then delay shipping schedule.

A Quality Inspection managed before your goods leaving the factory could help to prevent these extra costs and delays, the third party inspection company will issue a detail inspection report to reveal any issues with the order which found during the inspection, so that you can verify the order details with your supplier before shipping, even prior to mass production.

Your supplier may inform you that their own quality control is very strictly at the factory and you don’t have to send third-party inspectors. But many importers still rely on a professional third-party company to conduct product inspection or factory audits because an independent party can deliver unbiased inspection results.

AQI Service Team in Thailand

thailand inspection service company_inspection in thailandAQI Service team in Thailand can offer a variety of quality inspection services typically includes garments, textiles, footwear, gloves, jewelry, kitchenware, electronic products, and wood-based furniture, home goods, handmade goods, etc. in Bangkok, Chonburi, Buriram, etc. places.

Our team in Thailand can also perform factory audit services to help importers verify the manufacturer’s production ability and quality control system.

The team visits the factory for you and reports back on the checklist of production and order status, also the quality level based on AQL random inspection, typically you could get the detail inspection report within 24 hours of the inspection.

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Product Inspection Services in Thailand

Factory Audits in Thailand

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Service Price and Terms

Basically we charge the inspection cost on Man-Days and quote USD 268 /Man-day for  all-inclusive, for any inspection place not listed above, welcome to contact us for detail cost of quality inspection or product testing by email

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Benefits of Product Inspection in Thailand

  • Avoid the risk of hurting the relationship between you have with your customers.
  • Ensure your order has been produced correctly to specifications before shipping,
  • Verify quality at the source and avoid pay for defective goods.
  • Ensure the functionality and safety of products to avoid health and safety hazards.
  • Know whether the shipping marks, packing, and labeling are correct.
  • Find out if the product is working correctly.
  • Avoid product returns and protect your brand image.
  • Mitigate import risks; especially you are importing from a supplier overseas which very far away from you

Why AQI Service

  • All-inclusive Pricing for all PSI Inspections, no hidden or additional costs.
  • Flexible and Reliability Third-Party Inspection Services, allowed to cancel or edit the booking until the day before inspection at 4 P.M China time
  • Detailed Inspection Report including verification of product specifications, function, packing, and labels.
  • Local Reliable Inspection Team in Vietnam main production hubs specialized in specific product category.