Inspection in Vietnam & Factory Audit

Business and Inspection in Vietnam

In the business world, particularly within industries where competition is fierce, quality assurance can make or break a company’s reputation. As international trading importers, their manufacturing and packing facilities are often located far from the company headquarters, to keep production lines are running in a timely and efficient, the quality control team should be local by the side of the facilities.

Vietnam has become more involved in the world economy in recent years, technological advances and significant economic growth. As a result of increased investments and trading business, the number of labourers within Vietnam who have technical training and skillsets has grown dramatically.

These changes offered the opportunity to the business body in the Western to set up manufacturing facilities or cost-effective import goods from some trustworthy factories. That also means on-site inspection throughout the production process will be necessary.

quality control inspection in vietnam and Asia

AQI Service Team in Vietnam

Since AQI Service create Vietnam inspection service team for a few years ago, now we can offer inspection services typically includes apparel, garments, textile, furniture, home goods, and some handmade goods. The customers currently import products such as garments, textiles, furniture, and kitchen goods in Vietnamese factories from cities like Hanoi, Da Nang or Ho Chi Minh City, etc.

Product inspection protects your business from unnecessary costs and delays by testing the quality of your goods and reporting issues in a detailed inspection report, all before shipping. Identifying and addressing production problems means your costs decrease, and you receive better quality products.

That’s why to be serious about arranging quality control is necessary to secure your shipment, since we commonly find many major and minor defects because of the factory used less advanced production equipment or the workers were not well trained. sometimes, the major defects will make the product unsellable, such as serious scratching, large rips, or poor painting, etc.

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AQI Service team offers not only product inspections but also factory audits for buyers, who are looking for reliable and experienced quality control services in Vietnam. Our well-trained, local inspectors in the quality control team will provide professional quality control services for the shipments. and we also offer a range of factory audits in Vietnam too.

Product Inspection Services in Vietnam

Factory Audits in Vietnam

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Service Price and Terms

Basically we charge the inspection cost on Man-Days and quote USD 268 /Man-day for  all-inclusive, for any inspection place not listed above, welcome to contact us for detail cost of quality inspection or product testing by email

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Benefits of Product Inspection in Vietnam

  • Avoid the risk of hurting the relationship between you have with your customers.
  • Ensure your order has been produced correctly to specifications before shipping,
  • Verify quality at the source and avoid pay for defective goods.
  • Ensure the functionality and safety of products to avoid health and safety hazards.
  • Know whether the shipping marks, packing, and labelling are correct.
  • Find out if the product is working correctly.
  • Avoid product returns and protect your brand image.
  • Mitigate import risks; especially you are importing from a supplier overseas which very far away from you

Why AQI Service

  • All-inclusive Pricing for all PSI Inspections, no hidden or additional costs.
  • Flexible and Reliability Third-Party Inspection Services, allowed to cancel or edit the booking until the day before inspection at 4 P.M China time
  • Detailed Inspection Report including verification of product specifications, function, packing and labels.
  • Local Reliable Inspection Team in Vietnam main production hubs specialized in the specific product category.