Pre-Production Inspection (PPI)


What is a Pre-Production Inspection (PPI Inspection)?

A Pre-Production Inspection (PPI Inspection) is the next step after supplier identification and qualification,

Generally, it’s conducted once raw materials are received, verify if the factory is able to begin production, and all the product specifications and quality requirements are understood.

The inspector will visit your supplier’s production site to conduct a physical inspection of raw materials, components, and other preparation. Inspector will also help to solve any problems immediately to ensure a smoothly running production and the inspection report with full information will be emailed to you within 24 hours

Pre-Production Inspection Checklist

Here are some common checkings in the PPI Inspection checklist:Pre-Production Inspection (PPI Inspection)

  • Verify the raw material status and condition
  • Verify the production readiness and quality plan
  • Inspect the packing way and related labels
  • Inspect the storage way of your products
  • Inspect workmanship appearance
  • Inspect function, size, and measurement
  • Make the reliability and safety tests
  • Other specified requirements from you

Sampling techniques will be ANSI/ASQC Z1.4-2003 (equivalent to MIL-STD-105E) AQL standard or other sampling technique required by you.

Why do you need a Pre-Production Inspection (PPI Inspection)?

It’s important to verify whether or not raw material quality is in conformity with the contract, it will also help you verify the production with all your interests including:

  • Is this new supplier well prepared for the production?
  • Where are the goods manufactured?
  • Is everything well prepared before the production starts?
  • Are my requirements and specifications (material, color, etc.) well understood?
  • Is the factory well prepared to meet my expectations?
  • Any void unexpected delays and costs?

Benefits of Pre-Production Inspection (PPI Inspection):

  • Solve the quality problems during the manufacturing process to prevent further issues or defects.
  • Reduction of late delivery risk.
  • Save your time, save your money!

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