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As an Amazon FBA Seller, why you need Amazon Inspection

Welcome to AQI Service’s quality control blog, where we offer expert solutions for quality control, product inspection, and testing, as well as valuable sourcing tips for Asia. As a trusted third-party inspection company providing services in China and throughout Asia, our daily focus is on delivering top-quality inspection and quality control solutions to optimize our clients’ supply chains while ensuring end-consumer satisfaction is always our top priority. Whether you are a brand owner or an Amazon FBA seller, third-party product inspection is essential for improving product quality.

Our articles aim to showcase our unwavering commitment to making the sourcing world safer for consumers by sharing our extensive product manufacturing and quality control expertise. By being present in the production field and the country of origin of goods, we offer invaluable experiences to importers, retailers, e-retailers, and sourcing offices that manufacture consumer goods in Asia.

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Getting the Core Notes of 2023 Amazon Global Selling Cross Border Summit in 3 minutes

As cross-border e-commerce has grown in popularity in recent years, more and more people are competing for this sweet "pie". From a platform perspective, although Amazon still holds the leading position, the competitive landscape has changed with the addition of many emerging e-commerce platforms. At the "2023 Amazon Global Selling Cross Border Summit" held on

Quality Control Service of Sunglasses and Eyewears from China (2023 Updated)

Sunglasses and Eyewears Quality Control Introduction Customers are increasingly looking for high-quality eyewear with fashionable yet timeless designs. Brands and manufacturers must respond to these expectations while adhering to international regulations. It is where quality inspection service comes into control. We help eyewear companies to secure the quality of sunglasses or eyewears from China. We

Full Inspection in China: Why Do You Need a 100% Inspection?

Do You Need a Full Inspection or AQL Sampling Inspection? Have you ever seen your shipment's product from China still consisting of defective products, even after random sampling inspection? It is when you need a full inspection in China. Going through a full inspection service means you don't have to worry about product quality. A

What’s Acceptable Quality Level – AQL in Garment Inspection? (2023 Updated)

What is Acceptable Quality Level (AQL)? The term AQL stands for Acceptable Quality Level or Acceptance Quality Level. It is one of the most used terms in the stages of inspection in garment industry when it comes into consideration to quality garment inspection, as we call it AQL Inspection. (Related: How to use the AQL

Inspection in China. Piece By Piece Inspection or Partial Inspection?

In today's industry, manufacturers select materials and suppliers from around the world to meet market demands. Importing from China suppliers is a cost-effective approach. However, there is an increased risk that the quality of products and materials might not meet agreed standards and specifications. Inspection is a service related to ensuring the quality of goods.

First Article Inspection Procedure 101: What, When, & How

What is First Article Inspection? First article Inspection (FAI) is also called ''initial quality control.'' It examines and contrasts a requirement (product design) with the final product (production result). The first item made using the new method, or a sample from the first batch of parts is wholly tested as part of the First article

Product Information for Inspection – What to Prepare for Inspection?

Introduction Product quality inspections ensure your consumer goods are well-made before being marketed. Otherwise, customers will likely return your flawed products and give you poor reviews. These products are those which break or don't function as described. Product quality inspection involves examining a product's characteristics and testing it to comply with predetermined requirements. It might

Guideline of Quality Control for Importing Makeup and Cosmetics from China (Updated)

Makeup and Cosmetics from China Introduction China is one of the biggest cosmetic product manufacturers. There are many brands we can find for Cosmetics from China. However, product safety is one of the manufacturers' and customers' greatest concerns regarding cosmetics. Indeed, manufacturers must guarantee consumer safety for each product they sell. It also determines the

5 Typical Quality Defects in Commercial Coffee Maker and Inspection Checklist (Updated)

Commercial Coffee Maker Introduction Many people wait till they've had their first hot coffee to start their workday. Consequently, coffee machines with more outstanding functions have been created in recent years. People appreciate how convenient these coffee makers are. Besides, additional programmability, such as automatic settings, allows you to change the brewing intensity and coffee

Stuffed Toys Inspection and Children’s Products Quality (Updated)

Stuffed Toys And Childrens Products Introduction Little kids love stuffed toys. Even grownups find these charming companies enjoyable because of their cuddling nature. Hence, ensuring that safe toys bought for you or your children are of good quality is essential. Stuffed toys with defects or harmful objects might injure children. All of us, especially parents,

Wholesale Pet Supplies Manufacturers in China & Quality Control 101 (2022)

Do you sell pet supplies via amazon or other similar sites? Most sellers purchase from pet supplies manufacturers and market their products via these sites for a profitable business. Pet collars, leashes, food supplies, toys, and much more are sold via FBA Amazon for easy earning. Know everything about wholesaling pet supplies perfectly by reading

How Do Product Inspection in China Help You Ensure Product Quality?

If you're a producer, trader, or importer, you're probably buying many of your items from China. It is critical to guarantee that your items meet your requirements. Besides, you have to meet specific quality criteria that you establish. There's only one scarier thing for importers and private labels: hearing the words "poor quality products." To

How to Use AQL Sampling to Determine if Goods are Acceptable or Not? (Updated)

AQL Sampling Introduction The Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL) is a standard for determining the quality of a product according to international standard ANSI ASQ Z1.4 It is the lowest acceptable quality level for a product, usually based on a percentage measurement. During pre-shipment inspections, batches of products that do not meet the AQL will be

6 Steps to How Should Companies Manage Supplier Quality Development?

Introduction A supplier is often referred to as an organization that provides goods to a specific company. Of course, this organization may be a manufacturer, a trader, or just a small workshop. It is particularly important to investigate the basic information of the supplier and its production capacity in advance. For buyers, a supplier who

What is GSM Test Method & Factors that Affect The Accuracy of GSM Test

Introduction The consistent quality of products is vital for the manufacturing industry. Many big brands that endured over a century have strict quality inspection procedures. They usually work with an impartial third-party quality control team. The professionals will conduct product quality inspections and monitor the production process. After this, only the excellent quality products are

6 Quality Defects That Are Most Frequently Found In Shoes Quality Control

Introduction Shoes are part of our daily essentials. We need them when doing our outdoor activities. Besides shoe design, the production quality is a factor that can make or break the shoes. Defects in the shoes will bring us problems like uncozy feelings or even health issues. End-users must learn about these shoe defects to

Happy Chinese New Year 2022 | Year of The Tiger

Happy Chinese New Year Please kindly be informed that our office will be closed from Jan. 27h to Feb. 8th for Chinese New Year holidays and our operation will be resumed on Feb. 8th. The inspections and audits in other Southeast Asian countries are not affected and can be arranged. We are sorry for any

7 Important Things to Know About Amazon Quality Control for FBA Sellers

If you make a living by selling products on Amazon, you know how important it is for your products to have a good rating.  Poor ratings can result in persons overlooking your product and going for another option.  Persons tend to give low ratings because the quality of the product was poor or because the

What is Third-party Amazon FBA Prep Service? What You can Get from FBA Prep Service?

What is an Amazon FBA Prep Service? Amazon FBA prep is a process of getting the inventory prepared to send to Amazon fulfillment centers. As Amazon has some special requirements for packaging and labeling to create a better customer experience. Therefore, you must go through this process for doing business through this largest online shopping

What Are Common Test Items And Test Standards For Food Contact Materials?

Common Terms and Definitions in Food Contact Materials Food contact materials and products Under normal conditions of use, various materials and products that have been or are expected to come into contact with food or food additives (hereinafter referred to as food) or whose ingredients may be transferred to food, including food production, processing, and

What is CPC Certification? What type of Products requires a CPC Certification?

What is CPC Certification? CPC, the abbreviation for Children's Product Certificate, is a compulsory document when exporting children’s products to the United States. CPC Certification is legally required for any imported children's products and any missing or inaccuracy of CPC will result in a rejection of goods at the port of destination. Goods detected by

What Are The Special Inspection Levels in the AQL Table?

Special Inspection Levels in the AQL Table Sample size example of reliability tests from a Pre-shipment Inspection AQL has always been an important standard for the inspection of consumer products in the quality control industry. Please refer to the article "How to Use the AQL". We explained some keywords about AQL, how to use it,

5 Things to Know When Selling Chinese Goods on Amazon FBA UK

(By MELISSA BURNS) Earning money by importing stuff from China and selling it via Amazon FBA UK used to be relatively easy. However, as people grow savvier with every passing year and the Chinese sellers aggressively move into new markets on their own, today you have to know your way around this business to make

What Are The Common Test Items for Electric Kettle Inspection? (Updated)

Most of Electric Kettles Made in China Updated on Apr 25. 2021 In a modern electric kettle, the heating element is typically fully enclosed, with a power rating of 2–3 kW at 220V. In countries with 110V mains electricity, the electric kettles may be less powerful (1–1.5 kW) to avoid drawing too much current and

What are the Top 6 On-site Testings During Outdoor Furniture Inspection

For many people, outdoor furniture is essential. these kinds of luxury outdoor furniture including outdoor chairs and tables need to meet different quality standards than indoor chairs and tables. This is because outdoor furniture items must be able to withstand outdoor elements while maintaining their visual and structural integrity. By following internationally recognized standards when

12 Key Points in Quality Control of Tents from China? How to Prepare Tent Inspection Checklist?

Camping is a leisure activity very popular among outdoor sports lovers. However, what many campers do not know is that they are under the protection of international standards, which are formulated to minimize the predictable risks exposed to them during camping. A tent is a kind of camping equipment essential to camping enthusiasts. Its quality

Children’s Toys Safety Testing and Quality Control Guidance

There are strict guidelines that must be met if you want to import toys from suppliers in China or any other Asian country. The CPSIA regulates these strict guidelines.  仍would like to share what both US and foreign importers must know to ensure CPSIA compliance when importing children’s toys from China and other countries in

Dangerous Toys – What You Need To Know?

Dangerous Toys, Not All Toys are Safe! Play is an essential part of a child’s early development. It helps their brain to develop and for their language and communication skills to mature. Therefore, simple games like shaking a rattle or introducing age-appropriate toys from an early age are vital. Toys are an excellent way for

Imitation Jewelry Quality Control Inspection Guidance (Part B)

We shared with you the basic knowledge and process flow of imitation jewelry in the previous part (Imitation Jewelry Quality Control Inspection – Part A). In this part, we will share with you the on-site inspection of imitation jewelry, including some key points and testing contents that need attention. 1. Appearance Inspection 1.1 Appearance Inspection

10 Interesting Facts About Chinese New Year That You Would Like To Know

How Much Do You Know About Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year)? The Chinese New Year is a celebration that begins on the first new moon. This year, it falls on Feb 12th, 2021 Friday (Check the Dates for Chinese New Year), and it goes until February 26TH lasting about 15 days. Due to Covid-19,

Imitation Jewelry Quality Control Inspection Guidance (Part A)

Imitation jewelry refers to small wearable items, such as rings, bracelets (excluding watch bands), collars, earrings, chain buckles, which contain no precious metals or metal clad with precious metal jewelry (except electroplating or small accessories). Imitation jewelry is made of base metal and non-metallic materials. The requirements for different types of imitation jewelry inspection vary

Knowledge of Die Casting Products Process, Manufacturing and Product Inspection (Updated)

Die casting – Wikipedia: Die casting is a metal casting process that is characterized by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mold cavity. The mold cavity is created using two hardened tool steel dies which have been machined into shape and work similarly to an injection mold during the process. Part inspection is crucial

How to Find Good Suppliers in China? What Are the Best Online Sites like Alibaba?

What Are the Advantages of Importing Products from China? Sourcing Products to Sell online can be Daunting. So if you are looking for an alternative to Alibaba, then read on. The Alibaba group is possibly the main B2B (business to business) marketplace in the world today, with a current market capitalization of over $500 billion.

Air Fryer Buying Guide and Quality Control | How to Inspect Air Fryers in China?

An air fryer is a bit different from a traditional oven. air fryers cook food using circulated, superheated air. Unlike traditional ovens but similar to deep frying. But unlike frying, cooking in an air fryer requires little to no oil. consumers can use it to make chicken wings, donuts, nuggets, fish fillets, and many other

What Tests Are Included in Physical And Mechanical Testings? And Why Is Important?

Physical and mechanical testing determine the physical, mechanical, and metallographic properties of materials, especially metals and alloys. By testing the materials, one can distinguish the material from other materials. Mechanical testing is an inevitable part of the design and manufacturing process. Because it unveils the mechanical properties of any item which helps the designer to

What is A Third Party Inspection Agency? Why Do You Need The Inspection Agency?

What Is A Third Party Inspection Agency? Inspection Site. A third party inspection agency is an unbiased third-party organization that specializes in inspecting products before they are distributed to customers. It is not their responsibility to take part in the production process. Their job is to analyze the various stages of the process; from how

8 Things to Look for When Searching for Manufacturers on Alibaba.com

Find Your Best Manufacturers on Alibaba.com Alibaba is, probably, the largest e-commerce site in the world for finding both factories and suppliers. When you are going to start a business whereas there is very little opportunity for personally going abroad, Alibaba.com can be a great source of help for you. You will find the contact

What Does AQL 2.5 Mean in Quality Inspection? | AQL Standard

If you conduct product inspections, you must have come across the term AQL and AQL 2.5. Acceptance Quality Limit is typically abbreviated by AQL. It is the worst tolerable quality level. It represents the maximum number of defective units in a shipment that can be accepted. If the number exceeds the tolerable limit, the whole

Important Things To Know About Salt Spray Test, Performance Test and Reliability Test

What is Salt Spray Test A salt spray test is a testing method that measures the corrosion resistance of products using a high-saline environment. It is invented at the inception of the 20th century. The test procedure is quick, relatively inexpensive, well standardized, and reasonably repeatable. The current ASTM version for the salt spray test

Combined Sampling Inspection: Multiple SKUs In a Single Lot

What is Combined Sampling? You may be importing products from China or other Asian countries and cooperate with a third-party inspection agency (such as AQI Service), then you will need to select the sample size and pay the inspection company by "Man-Days" based on the workload. This means the sample size increases, the inspection cost

How to Choose Alibaba Trusted Suppliers & Tips for Minimizing Product Defects

Alibaba Trusted Suppliers Admittedly, the name “China” will come first when you opt to import anything at the lowest price. To know which supplier is selling your desired product, you usually visit Alibaba’s website and find numerous suppliers, Alibaba trusted suppliers may include but many of you fail to find an authentic supplier and become

Alibaba Inspection, Sampling Inspection or Full Inspection? What’s The Most Suitable Inspection?

The pre-shipment inspection (PSI Inspection, also Sampling Inspection) usually refers to the inspection at the stage when goods are packed for shipment. we can arrange a full inspection or partial inspection during pre-shipment and thus every buyer finds it difficult to select the appropriate strategy. Since pre-shipment inspection incurs a lot of money, we will

7 Tips You Should Consider for Importing Christmas Gifts from China

When Christmas comes, all of us immerse ourselves in outlying dollars for shopping including different type of Christmas gifts. Because Christmas is an occasion when everyone expects a gift from his or her friends, family members or relatives. While buying gifts for others, the first thing we usually focus on is the aesthetic beauty of

Importance of LFGB Test & Ways to Gain This Certification

What is German LFGB Test and Certification? In the era of globalization, neither people are being fettered by the border of a country, nor products are being sold only in the local market. With the development of our country’s economy, the advancement of technology, and the versatility of our needs, people are traveling across the

What Is Raw Materials Testing And Why Is It Necessary?

What Are Raw Materials? Why the Raw Material Test is Important? Raw material is a primary material usually used to produce goods or finished products. It is considered the backbone of finished products. You cannot earn customer satisfaction by providing poor-quality products that are made of low-quality raw materials. Raw materials are classified based on

5 Essential Things in Garment Quality Control Inspections

Garment Quality Control in Every Stage Inspections are common like most product categories. But it is extremely important for manufacturing garments that are more prone to human errors & mistakes. In the textile industry, quality control is normally practiced in every stage from sourcing raw materials to delivering finished garments. To achieve satisfactory garments in

What Is A Color Fastness Test And Why Does It Need To Be Done?

Color fastness generally refers to the strength of the textile fabric, footwear, leather against the influence of external factors. The ability of fabrics to hold its original color is undoubtedly the most vital property of textiles. As a result, pass the color fastness test is one of the crucial criteria of the buyer's demand. Fastness

What is Chemical Testing Analysis And Why is It Important?

Chemical Testing is an experiment to examine the composition and quality of chemical substances and materials. It also determines whether any foreign particles exist or not. Whenever your supplier presents a sample, the first requirement of your analyst is to identify what sort of substances are being used to prepare this sample. So both your

What are the Components That Make Up Failure Analysis?

In the field of product testing, it can sometimes be hard to figure out what types of tests you might need and why you need them. So, what is failure analysis, and why do you need it? Failure analysis is used after a product experiences a failure. An investigation launched then to figure out what

3 Common Quality Control Checklist Errors and How to Avoid Them

Common Mistakes in Quality Control Checklist Oversight Mistakes on the quality control checklist happen when you fail to indicate some important quality control measures assuming that the supplier is aware. It also happens when you expect the inspector to report on certain defects but fail to include it in the quality control checklist. The result

3 Steps You Should Not Skip Out While Supplier Audit in Asia

Supplier Audit in Asia A supplier audit is a strategic approach to selecting and managing potential suppliers by verifying compliance of supplier’s products and processes. It is vital to your internal supply chain functions because an effective audit helps to identify and predict associated risks, manage imminent treats, and utilizes the opportunities of your supplier.

4 Ways to Verify Your Supplier Background And Company Information

Having good relationships with suppliers means you can expect your supply chain to be effective and efficient. Finding a trustworthy supplier is the prerequisite of maintaining supplier relationship management. Checking and verifying the documents provided by a supplier is required to determine whether a supplier is reliable. There are several reasons why you should check

Buying Face mask or PPE from China? Everything you Need to Know!

Table of Contents Current market situation of face masks Supplier search and Investigation Face mask type and import Due diligence on face mask suppliers Product quality inspection and inspection before shipment Mask product inspection checklist As the COVID 19 pandemic swept the world, more and more people realized the seriousness of this situation, and it

How Do Our Office and Inspectors Back to Work During COVID-19?

Since the outbreak came suddenly at the end of last year, the fight against the epidemic has become the main theme of the Chinese New Year. After doing so hard to self-control social gatherings for a month, Chinese people gradually recover from the COVID-19, business resumed, too. Since then, our AQI China Team has fully

7 Characteristics to Identify Your Best Suppliers in China & Asia

The purchasing function is considered a crucial area that can intensely impact the profit and loss of a manufacturing organization. Though the company’s in-house necessity commences the purchasing activities, these activities turn into the execution stage by selecting the best suppliers from whom materials will be purchased. Supplier selection is a very intrinsic part of

The 5 Common Product Inspection Mistakes You Should Avoid

Inspection Mistakes Could Be Happen! The goal of product inspection of manufactured goods is to eliminate manufacturing defects. Product inspectors are experts in conducting inspections and identifying possible problems so that manufacturers can rectify them before the products reach the consumers. Failure to conduct a proper inspection means that fault products can arrive at your

How to Mitigate Supply Chain Risk from Outbreak of the Coronavirus Covid-19

Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020 Almost all the countries around the world are embracing sweeping measures to curtail the proliferation of the new coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, such as shutting down airports, sealing their borders, imposing travel restrictions, etc. Scientists are looking somewhat dazed. Flights have been halted, goods-carrying ships have been blocked, which results in

4 Reasons Why Your Products Needs Laboratory Testing

Why do the products need laboratory testing and certification? Are you wondering why laboratory testing is important? Well, every manufacturer needs laboratory testing because it helps you to find out if your product has the right quality and reliability. Through testing, you can set technical standards for your products which enable you to come up with

Manufacturing in Asia? 10 Essential Characteristics for Good Suppliers

Importance of Choosing Good Suppliers Savvy entrepreneurs understand the importance of choosing reliable and good suppliers. Getting the best suppliers for your business is key to achieving a strong supply chain and eventually, good profit margins. The choice of your suppliers determines the success of your business significantly. An exceptional supplier will enable you to

HKTDC Adjusted the schedule of Exhibitions Due to Impact of COVID-19

Health Measures and Updates from HKTDC Source: https://home.hktdc.com/en/s/health-protection-measures Considering the impact of COVID-19, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) has adjusted its schedule of exhibitions and conferences as part of a continued endeavor to create business opportunities for various sectors through multiple channels. Details are as follows. Event New arrangements Original date Date Venue

What Is A Golden Sample? What is the 3 Sample Approval Process?

Why Do Importers Need a Golden Sample for Manufacturing? Imagine an importer of promotional t-shirts sourcing from a supplier overseas like in China. Your shipment arrives, and you pick one of the t-shirts to inspect. As you check the quality, you are shocked to realize that the wrong color was used when sewing the logo

China to Cut 50% Off Tariffs on 1,717 US Imported Goods from February 14

By Dorcas Wong China to Cut 50% Off Tariffs on 1,717 US Imported Goods Last night, China’s Finance Ministry said it would halve tariffs on 1,717 US goods from February 14, lowering some to 5 percent from 10 percent, and others to 2.5 percent from 5 percent. The announcement reciprocates the US commitment under the deal. It is

6 Key Steps Should Be Followed During a Container Loading Inspection

Container Loading Inspection To avoid unknown things goes wrong when the goods loaded into a 40' or 20' shipping container or the products shipped by LCL. Buyers will choose Container Loading Inspection or Supervision (CLS) as one of the best solutions for importers to make sure that the loading process is fine and the package

What Is A Sourcing Agent? Do You Need A Sourcing Agent?

Today we received an email from one of our customers: He didn't want to tell me the address of the factory because he is a sourcing agent and not the actual manufacturer. Anyways, hopefully, everything will be ok. What is a Sourcing Agent? A good sourcing agent offers some advantages to your company. They help

AQI Service Office in China will back to work on Feb 3rd, 2020.

AQI Service Office in China will back to work on Feb 3rd, 2020. AQI Service as a professional third-party quality control company in China, focus on providing professional quality control service in Asia, and production monitoring throughout the whole supply chain, from product development, testing, certification, quality control to shipping and delivery. Our QC Service

China reports 11,791 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus, 259 deaths

China reports 11,791 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus, 259 deaths 2020-02-01 08:20:32 Xinhua Editor: Gu Liping Special: Battle Against Novel Coronavirus Chinese health authorities announced Saturday that 11,791 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus had been reported in 31 provincial-level regions and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps by the end of Friday. A total of 259

How Coronavirus (COVID-19) will Impacts your Businesses in China

Coronavirus in 2020 With the current outbreak of coronavirus throughout China, the response to the new coronavirus outbreak is unprecedented in human history. and China's unprecedented efforts are endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO) But businesses are having to consider how to effectively utilize their employees under the situation where physical contact between individuals

What Does Quality Control Inspector Will Do in a Quality Inspection?

What is a Quality Control Inspector? A quality inspection is a series of activities such as examining, measuring, and testing one or more products and comparing results with the buyer's requirements. The aim is to check whether the products meet the buyer's expectations. and The quality inspection will be done by a professional called the quality

How Does A Third Party Inspector’s Day look Like in Product Inspection? 

A Day in the Life of a Third Party Inspector in Product Inspection Ever found yourself wondering how the Third Party Inspector's day looks like during product inspection? You may find yourself bothered by this question for some reason, like to understand their charges. Although many people think that the inspection is a simple process,

Man-days Calculation in Quality Control Services

What is Man-days in Quality Control Management? When you talk to any third-party inspection company to get quotes for services, they will tell you that most of their quality control services are billed based on "Man-days", which roughly amounts of working time that one certified quality inspector can do in one day, no matter in

Comprehensive Guide to ISTA 6 Amazon Test Requirements

What is ISTA Test? Amazon requires online sellers to meet specific criteria to guarantee the safety of their shipments. Amazon has a series of tests known as Amazon ISTA tests that check if the seller complies with all the requirements when shipping packages. The goal of these tests is to optimize the delivery of goods

5 Critical Packaging Quality Control Elements Importers Should Not Skip

5 Crucial Packaging Quality Control Elements After importing products from abroad, it can be quite annoying for your customers to find out that they are damaged. Most of the importer only give attention to the quality of products forgetting that checking the packaging quality is equally crucial. Whenever products get damaged along the way during

Bassinets and Cradles Quality Control and Compliance Guide

What are Bassinets and Cradles? A bassinet / cradle is a small kind of bed primarily to provide sleeping accommodations for infants that is supported by: Freestanding legs, A stationary frame/stand, A wheeled base or a rocking base, or that can swing relative to a stationary base. While in a rest (non-rocking) position, a bassinet/cradle

Top 9 Packaging Tests that Ensure Your Products are Safe

Packaging Tests Many importers tend to overlook the importance of product packaging. Well, poor packaging is one of the leading causes of product damage during delivery. Several things can affect your product's packaging from environmental factors to handling stress. Therefore, you need to ensure that the packaging can survive all the hazards along the way.

Top 5 Ways in Garments Inspection to Ensure Quality Standards

Garments Inspection and Your Quality Standards to Factory The quality of product or service quality is what keeps the high number of customers that any business requires to be prosperous. The market is too competitive to ignore quality. This is even more critical when dealing with garments, especially now that quality is much more difficult

What if You Need to Book Defect Sorting Job: 100% Check

Why Are You Need A 100% Check for Your Porudcts Summary: What exactly you need to take into consideration before you go ahead to schedule for a full inspection or hire a 3rd-party QC inspection firm for a product 100% check job? Recently, FBA sellers contacted us to book for a full inspection on their

Navigating the Top 10 AQL Terms and 3rd Party Quality Control for Importers

Understanding AQL Terms As an importer going about your business, often you’ll come across such AQL terms as AQL Inspection, AQL standard, ANSI certification, AQL 4.0, AQL 2.5, AQL 1.5, and many others. But what exactly do they mean? Challenges of Distant Manufacturing Typically, your manufacturer may locates over 1000s of kilometers away from you.

A Comprehensive Guide to Quality Inspection Costs in China

Quality Inspection Cost in China If you are planning to import goods from China, then mastering how quality inspection works is important. When it comes to quality inspection, there seems to be some dissatisfaction in certain factors. One of the major issues where importers and QC companies seem to disagree is on Quality Inspection Cost

Implementing Effective Third Party Inspections: A Step-by-Step Guide for Quality Control Success

Starting Third Party Inspection If you are importing goods for the first time, then knowing where to start can be tricky. The situation can be even worse when you have been importing without conducting a product inspection by a third-party inspection company. Like most buyers, you might be wondering what to tell your supplier about

What Does a Standard Humidity Test in Product Inspection?

What is Humidity Test in Product Inspection? It’s easy to confuse product inspection for product testing, well these two terms are quite different since each of them deals with specific quality concerns for importers. However, both entail evaluating the product to ensure it meets certain requirements. Most importers are puzzled about the limits allowed when

Wholesale Umbrellas Quality Inspection Procedure and Common Factors

Wholesale Umbrellas Quality Inspection Procedure As a third-party inspection company, we ensure that our customers do not face any problems at any stage. regarding the quality inspection for wholesale umbrellas, the procedures normally follow AQL 2.5 and AQL 4.0 inspection method, but in some special cases, we would follow any inspection method which our customers

5 Tips for Avoid Language Misunderstanding When You Importing From China

Did your supplier misunderstand your product specifications? Many importers had experienced that when they were importing from China, the supplier misunderstands the specification because of a different description. We call it language misunderstanding. You might query the supplier for the problem, but it would delay the shipping schedule and break the relationship sometimes. One reason

4 Tips for How to avoid Payment and Supplier Fraud in China

Payment Fraud Risk Afraid of losing (all) your money when you’re importing from China or other countries? You should be, and you’re not alone. Payment frauds are one of the most common forms of scam, and they are targeting small to medium-sized businesses sourcing products on Alibaba.com and other online B2B platforms like Made-in-China.com etc.,

Houseware, Kitchenware, Cookware, Kitchen Appliances Product Inspection Service

Housewares/Kitchenware/Cookware/Kitchen Appliances from China Most cookware or kitchen appliances in homes and commercial establishments these days are noticeably made in China. These kitchen appliances should undergo various stages of inspection and quality control tests; namely: Pre-production inspection, During-production Inspection, and Pre-shipment inspection, to ensure that they are safe and would perform as intended. AQI Service is

4 Reasons Why Can’t Just Let your Supplier Do the Quality Assurance Inspection

3 Main Ways in Quality Assurance Inspection When you’re importing products from China or any other country for that matter, there are three main ways the quality assurance inspection can be accomplished. First, you can choose to visit the Chinese factory yourself and conduct the inspection if you have the means, expertise, and time. Secondly,

CPSC Issues Call to Action: Check Your Homes for Recalled Products, Babies’ Lives Depend on It!

by CPSC Blogger September 11, 2019 Blog in Spanish Articile source: https://onsafety.cpsc.gov/blog/2019/09/11/cpsc-issues-call-to-action-check-your-homes-for-recalled-products-babies-lives-depend-on-it/ CPSC Issues Call to Action: Check Your Homes for Recalled Products; Babies’ Lives Depend on It! September is Baby Safety Month. Act Now. It’s a fact that most injuries can be prevented, and parents and caregivers play a major role in making sure

What should a Purchase Contract Specify Between an Importer and Supplier?

What are the 13 Key Points that Should be Included in the Purchase Contract Between an Importer and Supplier? A purchase contract is meant to create a binding and lawfully-enforceable obligation between an importer and supplier and the key points below should be included in the contract: 1. The Products This refers to the item/s

What’s Quality Control includes before Shipping a Product?

What's Quality Control before Shipping Quality control checking is an essential aspect of product inspection for ensuring that products meet the required standards before being shipped out. Quality control services encompass a range of activities and techniques that companies in wholesale and retail use to manage their logistics. These services are designed to inspect products

Quality Inspection for Bridal Gowns & Wedding Dresses Made in China & Other Asian Countries

Wedding Dresses & Bridal Gowns Introduction Bridal gowns or wedding dresses are intended for special events. You should feel and look your best on your special day by wearing your ideal bridal gown. Customers may therefore find any flaws in the dresses rather disappointing when they’ve chosen a wedding gown with defects. In this case,

Tariffs to Upend American Brides’ Wedding Dress Dreams

Editor: Zhang Jianfeng 丨Xinhua * Chao Embroidery, the art of needlework originally from China's Chaozhou that was used in making gowns, dates back to the Tang Dynasty. * Most wedding dresses in the world come from China. * Tariffs will bankrupt American wedding dress manufacturers who import materials from China, a wedding dress merchant said. GUANGZHOU/NEW YORK,

3 Defects Classification in AQL Product Inspection

What's Defect Classification in AQL Inspection? Have you ever wondered why essential to define and classify your product quality defects in AQL Inspection? What's AQL defect classification? Not knowing whether to categorize defects as "major" or "minor" can be quite challenging. For these reasons, defect classification is a crucial step because it determines if the

How Do I Ensure the Quality of Shipped Goods from an Alibaba Supplier?

With the increasingly large number of illegal traders and brokers operating both offline and online nowadays, one needs to be very careful with what they’re buying. The reputation of operators from and in China like Alibaba Suppliers has particularly not been perfect in this regard some days. even though there is no perfect online business

What Inspection Failure Rates to be Considered Acceptable for a Quality Inspection?

Result of Quality Inspection Any given type of products can fail an quality inspection.  But this is not a definition of a defect product. The product can still be accepted after it fails the inspection test. Following the kind of inspection that was conducted, there exist various options that can greatly help to solve the

A Guide to Product Inspection Process in China & Asia

How's the Product Inspection Process? Buying can be exciting but daunting at the same time. Coming across something that matches your exact needs and specifications is not easy. How do you find out if a particular item is what you are looking for? Performing a thorough inspection by AQIService.com as third party inspection services is

What is Difference Between the OEM vs ODM Suppliers?

Difference Between OEM vs ODM Suppliers Have you come across the terms original equipment manufacturer (OEM supplier) and original designed manufacturer (ODM supplier)? You may say the topic was too old, but we knew lots of people don't know what does it mean to them? Sometimes the different terms can be quite confusing to many

Beaba Recalls Baby Food Steam Cooker/Blenders

Name of product: Babycook Neo steam cooker/blenders Hazard: The glass bowl can break, posing a laceration hazard. Remedy: Replace Recall date: May 15, 2019 Units: About 5,000 (in addition, about 650 in Canada) Recall Details In Conjunction With Canada Description: This recall involves the Beaba Babycook Neo Midnight and Cloud baby food makers. The Babycook

Starbucks Recalls Bodum Recycled Coffee Presses

Starbucks Recycled Coffee Presses Recall Summary Name of Product: Bodum + Starbucks Recycled Coffee Presses Hazard: The coffee press’ plunger knob can break and expose the metal rod, posing a laceration hazard. Remedy: Refund Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled coffee presses and contact Starbucks for instructions on how to return the coffee press

Phase II of 125th Canton Fair Closed on 27th Apr. 2019

Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China Canton Fair also named China Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou, is the largest trade fair with the largest scale, the most complete exhibit variety, the broadest distribution of overseas buyers, and the greatest business turnover held in Guangzhou Canton China. More than 25,000 exhibitors and about 200,000 buyers(124th press

Crate and Barrel Recalls Holiday Milk Bottles due to the Straw Breaking

Holiday Milk Bottles Recalls Due To the straw breaking Crate and Barrel of Northbrook, Ill., is recalling about 17,000 Crate and Barrel Holiday Bear Acrylic milk bottles, due to these plastic straws that comes with the milk bottle can crack or break, posing a laceration hazard. Description: This recall involves Crate and Barrel’s Holiday Bear

Spector & Co. Recalls Power Bank Chargers from China

Power Bank Chargers Recalls Due to Fire Hazard Spector & Co., of Champlain, N.Y., is recalling about 4,800pcs T119 Elf power bank chargers which were made by Shenzhen Casun Technology Co. Ltd., of China. The power banks were given away as a free promotional item at various meetings, trade shows and industry conventions from May

4 Challenges for Importers Sourcing and Importing from China

Challenges For Importers By sourcing your products and importing from China, you can create a competitive advantage in the business environment. Importing products from this Asian country allows you to keep the investment costs low, score high returns and enjoy healthy profit margins. However, there are many challenges in this plan which affect business owners importing

Disco LED Light Recalls Due to Burn and Fire Hazards

Disco LED Light Recall Name of product: Rechargeable Party Disco LED Light with Solar PanelHazard: The battery can overheat while charging, posing burn and fire hazards. Remedy: Refund Recall date: February 13, 2019 Units: About 5,000 Recall Details Description: The recall includes the Shop LC Rechargeable Party Disco LED Light, measuring 36 by 7 inches

Why the Quality of “Made in China” Products Improved So Much in Years.

Made in China While incomes have risen in China, they are still lower than in the advanced economies. with a population of nearly 1.4 billion, China has a lot of companies. while most follow the old ways and eventually fall by the wayside, a tiny minority survive by improving the quality of their products to the

What are the General Inspection Levels? How to choose AQL for Inspection?

In addition to setting the AQL -Acceptance Quality Level, the buyer should choose the sampling plan from the different inspection levels, here we break down the main sampling options for quality control inspection, to help guide you determine the scope of inspection that is best for you and your product. AQL Sampling  Using statistical sampling

3 Different Product Inspection Result in Third Party Inspection Report

AQL Inspection For every third-party inspection you booked, you get a QC inspection report and you will see the inspection result of an inspector’s on-site examination, which gives you a snapshot of the status of shipment. QC inspector used the materials and requirements provided by importers to check products according to agreed-upon standards. These materials

Electric Blender, Juicer, Mixer Sourcing in China and Product Inspection Service

Importers buy a different electric blender, juicer, hand blender product etc home appliances from China, here is typical specifications of Juicer blender and hand blender products. What are Electric Blender, and Juicer Product Features? *1500W[Peak 3HP] heavy-duty motor for excellent performance *Maximum spin speed: 38,000RPM *Unbreakable 2.0L PC jug, resist high temperature *ON/OFF with Lowe-Middle-High

Inspection Checklist for Swimwear/Bikini Product Inspection in China

Swimwear/Bikini Product Inspection in China Here we introduce our professional product inspection services for swimwear and bikini products manufacturing in China. As there are many different styles for swimwear like conjoined skirt suits, conjoined triangle swimsuit, conjoined boxer swimsuit, fission skirt suits, fission triangle swimsuit, fission boxer swimsuit, conjoined fission transformation type, transparent swimsuit, high

6 Global Trade Supply Chain Trends to Watch in 2018

6 Global Supply Chain Trends to Watch in 2018 Article by Gary Barraco | Global Trade Magazine The Complexity of Conducting Global Trade is Exploding Global trade continues to accelerate both in volumes and complexity, with the WTO’s most recent trade forecast revised to show improved growth in world merchandise trade volume. Just look at the

Poppin Recalls Pitch Rolling Chairs Due to Fall Hazard

Name of product: Pitch rolling chairs Hazard: The seat plate can break and detach from the seat base, posing a fall hazard. Remedy: Repair Recall date: February 8, 2018 Units: About 2,800 Rolling chairs Recall Details Description: This recall involves Poppin Pitch model rolling chairs. The chair is upholstered in fabric and was sold in

Minutes of the Annual Meeting with Poland QA Manager

Annual Meeting with Client QA Manager On Dec 12th, 2017, AQI-CWI Company held an annual quality conference with the QA manager of one of its major clients. In the quality meeting, the client expressed affirmation of AQI-CWI’s excellent quality this year and considered our company’s service more reliable and flexible than other competitors with more

Meijer Recalls Children’s Swimsuits Due to the Snaps Detach

Meijer Children’s Swimsuits Recall Name of product: Wave Zone children’s swimsuits Hazard: The snaps on the swimsuit can detach, posing a choking hazard to the child. Remedy: Refund Recall date: August 8, 2017 Recall number: 17-202 Recall Details Description: This recall involves the Wave Zone one-piece, zip-back swimsuit for newborns, infants, and toddlers. The swimsuits have

3 Frequently Asked Questions about Acceptance Quality Level (AQL)

 What is AQL table mean to Quality Inspection? "AQL" stands for "Acceptance Quality Limit", and define as the “quality level that is the worst tolerable” in ISO 2859-1. The AQL table will help to determine the sampling size we will need to inspect according to your ordered quantity and your level of severity (I, II,

Sourcing on Alibaba and Sell on Amazon, The Responsibility of Quality?

Currently, netizens on Quora (a platform to ask questions and get answers) and Reddit (a social news website) are discussing how to stock from Chinese manufacturers and sell on Amazon. John Frigo, an E-commerce adept from Chicago issued a video on YouTube explaining how he realized the monthly sales volume of USD 250 thousand by

14 Main Tests and Quality Checkings in Clothing and Textiles Quality Inspection

The Most Common Quality Issues, That Buyers of Clothing and Textiles Must Be Aware Of? First is some quality issues are due to the materials and accessories. and Second is some problems are due to the patterns or to the way the fabric was cut. A common temptation for factories is to reduce fabric consumption. How to Avoid

Bathroom Hardware Quality Inspection standard and Checklist

Bathroom Hardware Material Bathroom hardware can usually be divided into three components: pedestal (fixed part), connecting piece, function parts. and the materials include: Stainless steel Chrome-plated copper Aluminium alloy (or aluminium magnesium alloy) Bathroom Hardware Inspection Procedures A. Inspection standard of the material strap, round bar stock (material: copper, iron, aluminium): Whether or not sink

Lithonia LED Lighting Recalls to Repair Ceiling Light Fixtures

Name of product: Lithonia LED Lighting Fixtures Hazard: The plastic diffuser lens can detach and fall unexpectedly, posing a risk of injury from impact. Remedy: Repair Recall date: June 7, 2017 Units: About 5,600 Recall Details:  Description: This recall involves Lithonia LED Lighting LBL4W model ceiling light fixtures which are used indoors in commercial applications

Glass Products, Glassware Inspection in China

Glassware Products from China Have you imported different kinds of glassware, glass cups, glass bottle, craft, mirrors, etc glass products from China? Have you ever hired a third-party inspection service company to check the quality before shipping out? Glass Bottle Glass Cap Glass Craft Glass Drying oven Glass Explosion-proof tubes Glass Lampshade Glass Mirror Glass

3 Critical Considerations Before Initiating Product Rework: Cost, Quality, and Shipping Deadlines

Evaluating Product Rework Cost Implications Any importer, whether novice or experienced gets overwhelmed with excitement, anticipation, and anxiety when a shipping date approaches. There is nothing that can break your heart at this time than discovering that your goods have unexpected quality defects (About Order Defect Rate). Sometimes the damage maybe is severe to the

What‘s the Role of a QC inspector to Help Importers Sourcing in China

The role of a QC Inspector in QC company When importers sourcing in China and booked quality control service from third party QC company, you may question what the QC inspector help you in quality control? How the QC inspector enables you to solve quality problems? Here we briefly the steps how QC inspector to carry

Why Third-Party Quality Inspector Rarely Provides Corrective Actions

Start Quality Control with a Third-party Inspection Company Imagine that you decide to hire a third-party quality inspector to check the quality of your products before the factory ships them. you created a detail inspection checklist including AQL Sample size, on-site testings, defect classification, and the QC company reports lots of defects on your products,

Different Baby Products Import From China and Test Standards

What Type of Different Baby Products You are Importing from China? Below we listed different baby products that you are may import from China or Asia now Baby Products-General Supplies Bottle nipple brush Bottle clip Bottle cleaning fluid Feeding bottles, Plastic bottles, Stainless steel bottles, Silicone bottle The fresh milk vacuum device Milk box Pacifiers Prams

What are the 4 Crucial Steps Amazon FBA Sellers Should Not Skip When Sourcing in China

 What're the 4 Steps that Amazon FBA Sellers Should Not Be Skipped? Not unless you have spent a few years in a cave, you probably know about how companies are buying products from China and selling them on the Fulfillment By Amazon FBA model. The most unfortunate thing is the fact that most of the

Quality Control Service for Bedding and Home Textile Products from China

Bedding and Home Textile Products from China As many importers knew that source bedding and home textile products ( Related: Types of home textile products) with confidence from China suppliers would be a good choice, many professional suppliers can be searched on Alibaba, Made-in-China or Globalsources, etc online website, there are thousands of suppliers and thousands

6 Reasons for Real Time Inspection is not a Good Solution

Is Real-Time Inspection a Good Solution? Real-time inspection (not video inspection) using Zoom, Wechat or Whatsapp may be a favorite to some buyers but is an idea that is bad 99% of the time. It sounds like a good idea but may lead to problems practically. As explained in an earlier article, first is product

Your office, Your people

Here we are your representation office and your quality control inspector to secure your business in Asia, especially in China

Proper Inspection Sampling Method For Accurate Inspections

Sampling is an important part of a random inspection, proper quality inspection sampling method to help achieve accurate shipment inspections The sampling phase is often overlooked by many importers trying to cut back on inspection costs. However, the little money you save in forgoing some steps in inspection can result in your shipment incorrectly passing the

Home Furniture, Storage Shelf Quality Control Service in China

Home Furniture from China Home furniture can be simple or complex. our clients import a wide range of products in this industry from China industry cities or provinces like Foshan, Dongguan, Shandong, etc.. Some of these goods include tables, swivel chairs, barstools, sofas, patio furniture, desks, wood furniture, dining sets, and end tables. Our specialized

Common Fabric Faults and Defects Which May Cause Third Party Inspection Failed

Common Fabric Faults or Defects During the fabric inspection or garment quality control inspection, fabric faults or defects can be found as numerous, here we list some type of common fabric faults below: Abrasion Mark: A place in the fabric whose surface has been damaged by friction or abnormally weakened by a transaction in which

5 Type of Different Garment Inspection Sampling Method in Quality Control

Garment Inspection Sampling Method All the retailers want to buy high-quality garments or fabrics from manufacturers, to sell the product to their customers, so we need to follow various methods of inspection techniques, depends on the customer's wants and needs. When the inspector controls the quality of your shipment from China or Asia, how would

Computer Accessories from China and Quality Inspection Services

Computer Accessories From China Computer accessories manufactured in China, including input devices, output devices, data processing equipment, and other gadgets, are computer cables & connectors, Laptop batteries, USB Hubs, Laptop Cooling Pads, Computer Speakers, Laptop Cases & backpacks, USB Gadgets, Memory Card Readers, Laptop Adapters & Chargers, Skin Protectors, Webcams, Mini PCs, Computer Screen Protectors,

Phone Accessories Wholesale from China and Quality Control Service

Different kinds of mobile/cell phone accessories Wholesale from China As importers knew that China supply most of the phone accessories to all of the world, You can find many phone accessories supplier for your Amazon or eBay or other online business. Some importers also buy mobile phones and phone accessories from the wholesale market in

Electrical Blender Quality Control and Product Inspection Service in China

Electrical Blender Manufacturing in China In China, lots of manufacturers supply series of motor driving products like blender, juicers, food processors, toasters, etc. they provide ODM and OEM for the brand, and AQI Service did lots of quality inspections too, check out what we did during the inspection Blender Quality Inspection Service in China: 1.

Sporting goods quality control and China inspection services

Sporting goods and other fitness equipments are usually highly associated with mechanical assembly, parts. They are subject to many mechanisms, hence life cycle and use of parts to each other are important points to consider while performing sporting goods inspections: material, functionality, testing etc… Sporting goods/ Fitness equipment/Sports wear in China 1. Competition project supplies: such

Container Loading Inspection in India & Pakistan

Container Loading Inspection in India & Pakistan Container loading inspection is a very important step in the delivery of your goods. Even a good quality product, if it is loaded incorrectly, can be poor quality or even unsalable when it arrives. You could also end up with another customer's products, incorrect quantities, wet goods/gift boxes,

Office Supplies and Stationary Quality Inspection Service in China

Thousands of office supplies manufacturers in China supply stationery, writing instruments, teaching materials, inks and other stationery and office supplies. they manufacture the following products are not included: Planner, Agendas, Calendars, Notepads, pen-knives, notebooks, tablets, dyes, drawing devices, teaching apparatus, slide projectors and overhead projectors. Office Supplies and stationary in China Office Equipment All in

Hats & Caps Product Inspection and Quality Control Service

Popular Hats&Caps in Market Hats, caps & berets from around the world, Check MEN'S Hats and Caps and WOMEN'S Hats and Caps in Amazon, and other beautiful hats and caps in Esty. also, check the history of hats and caps if you are interested. Different kinds of Men's Hats&Caps Balaclavas/Baseball Caps/Cowboy Hats/Fedoras/Newsboy Caps/Rain Hats/Skullies & Beanies/Sun Hats/Visors Different

Promotional Gifts Quality Control and Product Inspection Service

Promotional Gifts Manufactured in China AQI Service offers professional Promotional Gifts quality inspection and testing services in China and Asia. Most products related to promotional Gifts (Search it on Amazon.com) quality inspection we are covering (without being limited to): Aluminium ID Card Holder Business Gifts Baby tree Cap opener Dog tag/metal dog tag Electronic Gifts Festival

Painting Pictures Export from China need Quality Inspection Services

Painting Pictures from China. As the biggest painting pictures export market, there are a lot of wholesale oil painting factories & frame factories or manufacturers in China. they provide wood or wooden frame, picture frame, photo frame,  beveled mirrors, stretchers or stretch bars, easels, framed oil paintings, unframed oil paintings, framed pictures, and framed photos, picture

How to Perform LED light Product Inspection and Quality Control in China

Different LED Light manufactured in China Now the LED light's applications are booming and affecting more and more new areas. And it attracts large foreign giants of electronics. There are places for companies that will be innovative. below are many different kinds of Lights in the market: 1. Flood Lights 2. Tube Lights 3. High

Knowledge of Pre-shipment Inspection or Final Random Inspection

Final Random Inspection, also spelled Pre-shipment inspection or PSI inspection, is a part of supply chain management and an important quality control method for checking the quality of goods clients buy from suppliers. PSI inspection ensures that production complies with specifications of the buyer and/or the terms of a purchase order or letter of credit.

3 Common factors for Backpack and Bags Quality Inspection

Bags Quality Inspection Service Study How AQI Service makes inspection with the Backpack/Bags/handbags/Luggage/suitcase products importing from China. The particularity of Backpack/Bags/handbags/Luggage and suitcase is they are mostly made of fabric parts being sewn all together. It also usually includes zipper, button, label, logo, handle and other items. It needs to carry weight, so it has

Why You Should Hire Third Party Inspector to Furniture Quality Control in China?

Why Hire Third Party Inspection For Your Furniture Quality Control in China? All new furniture on display and supplied to consumers should carry appropriate display and permanent labels, with compliance information and cautionary statements. Recommended for every shipment from AQI Service AQI Service inspects a wide variety of furniture products, including wooden, metal, plastic, upholstered, indoor,

Sanitary Ware Quality Control | Quality Inspection Checklist

Where are the Sanitary Ware Companies located in China? Before understanding import the of sanitary wares from China, we knew lots of sanitary ware was manufactured in the Foshan/Chaozhou/KaiPing/Wenzhou/Dongguan area in China. Problems When You are Importing Sanitary Wares From China Companies? there you may have some problems when importing Sanitary Wares from China or

5 Steps for Amazon Business Starts from Sourcing in China

Is Sourcing in China then reselling on Amazon? As you can see a lot of sellers did like this and got succeeded. Some people were wondering: I designed a product and try to sell it on Amazon, and try to find a reliable supplier in China to make it, I also hope they can send

What’s a Quality Control Inspection Checklist? How to Create it?

What is a Quality Control Inspection Checklist? I have my design and worked with factories in China now, should I prepare a quality control inspection checklist for sourcing and quality control? how to create the checklist for product sourcing and inspection? An inspection criteria sheet (ICS) or simply a QC checklist outlines quality requirements and

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 In the past 2016, we helped customers in quality control and product inspection more than 5000 Man.days, and we are very proud of our job in benefit with customer's business in 2016, especially new customer as Amazon sellers from all of the world. Today is the last day of 2016, we would

When You Need a Full Inspection Service(100% Defect Sorting Service)?

Purpose of Full inspection Service The purpose of this service (100% Defect Sorting service) is to sort out as many products as possible that were known as defects example as general appearance, application, workmanship, functions, safety, sizes, and other issues.), throughout the number of inspection man-days allotted, some special checks won't be fully done during

Are You Concern About How To Verify Your Suppliers In China?

Finding the right suppliers in China is essential if you want to source the right products at a reasonable price. But if you aren’t in China, the job of verifying a supplier might not be that easy. So how are you going to verify your suppliers in China? [contact-form-7 id=”6″ title=”Contact form 1″] How to

Why Importers Use or Not Use Third Party Inspection Service?

Are you working with Third Party Inspection Service? As international importers who buy from China or Asia, what’s your greatest fear during the importing process? Is that your product won’t match specifications when you receive it? Or are you afraid the factory didn’t perform the right tests to ensure your product meets regulations in your market?

What’s Definition of Amazon FBA Labels and How to Use It?

What is Amazon FBA Labels, and How do Labeling For Amazon FBA shipments? For Amazon FBA sellers who import products from China, the highest rate of questions and confusion is about labeling for Amazon FBA shipments. That's also one of the most important checkpoints in Pre-shipment Inspection Services. (What is Pre-shipment Inspection?) Do I put

What a Quality Inspector will do in a Quality Inspection?

What is A Quality Inspector? A quality inspector examines products and materials for defects or deviations from the manufacturer or industry specifications. They ensure that your ceiling light will not stop work, that your coffee maker will run properly, and that your pants will not split the first time you wear them. These workers monitor

What Should Be Done Before Booking an Inspection in China or Asia?

What To Do Before Inspections in China or other Asia Countries In the recent years, the E-Commerce market grows up quickly, and many small importers start buying in China, online or offline to contact the suppliers directly, but they feel a need for quality control (QC) after got failure times, here is what buyers need

5 Types of Different Quality Inspection Services

What is Quality Inspection Services? Quality inspection is the measurements aimed at checking, measuring, or testing one or more product characteristics and relating the results to the requirements to confirm compliance. This task is usually performed by specialized personnel and does not fall within the responsibility of production workers. A Third Party Inspection Service (TPI)

How Do You Read the Defects from the AQL Result?

With the development of foreign trade in recent years, many international clients ask China inspection services to help them inspect their goods in China, which is cost saved and convenient. But, actually, honestly, when they get a very detailed inspection report, some people don’t know anything about the AQL result in the inspection report, they