Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) listed questions for you better understand AQI Service, we provide hands-on support for your goods manufactured in China or Asia area

Can you briefly present your company?

Asia Quality Inspection (AQI) Service is a third party inspection company focusing on quality control and product inspection service in Asia. We specialize in product inspections, factory audits, engineering, and product monitoring. We can inspect any order and audit any factory in most places in China within 24-48H

Why do I need quality control service for shipment from Asia or China?

  • Is my potential vendor reliable? (Factory Audit)
  • Is my factory following international and local rules and regulations? (Social Audit)
  • Has the production started correctly? (First Article inspection)
  • Is my order produced according to my specifications? (Product Inspection)
  • Is the container well loaded? (Container Loading Inspection)
  • How to make sure there are no defects? (Defect Sorting Service)
  • How to make sure the factory has put in place the right quality checks? (Production Monitoring)

Today, China has become one of the biggest exporters; however, the quality issue is also becoming one more serious issue in the whole supply chain. AQI Service could help the importers to import goods with all security, to make sure all details are conformed to the expectation of importers/buyers.

If I already have a team in China, Should I need the inspection service from a third-party inspection company?

–Yes, the inspection service is suitable for not only the buyers who are not present in China, but also for today who have offices or teams in China, professional inspection service could also help the buyers to detect and decide, also save handling cost a lot

Does the factory audit is necessary for international business?

–Yes, it’s really necessary and it’s recommended to arrange a factory audit before your 1st transaction to the supplier.

What quality control and product inspection services do you offer?

Does AQI Service offer Lab Testing Service?

-Yes, AQI Service has established partnerships with many accredited laboratories in China. AQI Service always chooses the most suitable laboratory for customers. Compared with your direct contact with the laboratory, the test time is shorter and the test cost is lower.

Does AQI Service offer Sourcing Service?

-No, AQI Service only focuses on quality control services including inspection service and lab testing services, etc., we don’t offer sourcing services also not recommend suppliers, or any products to clients, sellers.

How do I get started and what are all the steps for booking an inspection service?

  • Please see the Booking Process of Service
  • Step 1: Inquiry, Send Specifications And Relevant Information
    Step 2: Inspection Booking Form And Checklist
    Step 3: Schedule Inspection
    Step 4: Perform Quality Inspection
    Step 5: Report, Q&A, And Payment

How does sampling work during an inspection?

AQI Service recommends ANSI Z1.4 2003 sampling tables to determine the number of units that will be randomly selected for evaluation. Based on the lot or batch size, code letters are assigned that cross-reference to the sample size required depending on which plan is being employed. Single and double normal sampling plans are the most commonly used.
If you do not have existing sampling requirements, AQI Service will assist you in determining which plan works best for your specific needs.

Samples are checked against a detailed inspection plan for appearance, applicable functionality, packaging integrity, workmanship, etc.

Defects noted are classified as major, minor, or critical depending on inspection plans. The acceptable quality level (AQL) is determined by totaling the defects and using the corresponding accept/reject criteria within the sampling plan.

More about How to use ANSI AQL Table?