Bathroom Hardware Inspection Service in China

Bathroom hardware is an important part of the kitchen and bathroom, it has different shapes, sizes, and types, and its quality directly affects the quality of daily life, as it needs a good performance every day.

The different clients will require different quality of the products, so manufacturers must practice a series of inspection processes to ensure that their product meets different quality control standards set by independent organizations. For brands or retailers, active quality control is essential to meet these challenges and optimize supply chain performance.

What Are the Bathroom Hardware Products?

Bathroom hardware quality inspection Services in China

The Bathroom hardware products include items actually used in the bathroom, toilets, urinals, Basin, Sinks, WC, and SPA. They include items made from stainless steel, aluminum casting, and associated products. Here’s a listing for part of Bathroom hardware products.

Bath GirdersBucketsSinks
Bath HookFaucetSoap holders
Bathroom HooksGlass ProductsToilet Paper Holders
Bathroom ShelvesMedicine CabinetsTowel Bars
BidetShower Curtain RodTowel rods

Bathroom Hardware Inspection in Asia

Bathroom hardware faucet inspection in ChinaAQI Service provides inspection services for the bathroom hardware products at every stage: from supplier investigation, audit to the quality control, and final delivery of shipment during the process.

AQI’s quality experts understand the customer’s requirements, ensure that on-site inspections are properly performed on-site, and finalize clear reports to explain and explain all details.

Throughout the quality control process, we will verify the appearance quality, specifications, functions, reliability of your products

During the Pre-shipment inspection, the inspector should find various defects by inspecting the packaging, markings, labels, instruction manuals, accessories, barcodes, assemble, reliability functions, and the appearance/appearance of the product.

During the inspection, we found some common major and minor defects, including but not limited to broken, crack, deformed, burr, stains, scratches, missing accessories, sharp corners, rusty, poor polishing, incorrect barcodes, poor paint, and poor assembly, etc.

Why is it important to Arrange Bathroom Hardware Inspection?

  • Identify any issues in product size/specification to save cost and time
  • Reduce defects/flaws in the product and maintain a good brand image of the product
  • Save on possible rework and product recall costs
  • Confirm that the products will not be damaged during packaging and loading

How to Inspect the Bathroom Hardware Products?

Before conducting inspections, AQI technical engineers need to understand your product characteristics to determine key risks. By combining our Inspection Checklist with your unique product specifications and quality requirements, each inspection can be customized.

We will identify and classify defects based on your Acceptance Quality Limits (AQL), verify the quality of mass production, perform product function and reliability tests on-site, and assess your compliance with product specifications and sizes.

Assess the quality of your product materials and workmanship, using a number of quality control checks and tests, including:

Barcode scanning testGeneral function check
Accessories checkAssembly check/Pipe thread Accuracy
Water Leakage checkStability/Wobble base check
Valve ClosureHot and Cold Water Fatigue Test
Carton drop testHumidity check
Weight check/Loading testColour comparison check
Water Flow TestProduct size measurement

Final Assembly Inspection

The purpose of this inspection process is to verify that all bathroom hardware products on the assembly queue have been assembled correctly to ensure that all necessary tools are properly connected and/or moulded to comply with different quality control requirements. For materials made of steel, copper, bronze, etc., the inspection process will include the inspection and confirmation of dimensions, weight, and dimensions.

Weight Check and Size Measurement

Bathroom hardware Inspection Faucet Weight check
Faucet Weight check During Inspection

The purpose of this inspection process is to verify that each bathroom hardware product inspected has the same weight, installation, and specifications, and is consistent with the technical specifications specified by the customer and before production.


Inspectors randomly sample and inspect the finished bathroom hardware products, and confirm that the product measurement results are within the specified weight/size limit capacity to ensure that all products can be used reliably before shipment.

Mechanical/Valve Closure inspection

The purpose of this inspection process is to verify that no defects or damages are found on any plumbing products used for bathroom hardware, to ensure that once the product is shipped, there will be no mechanical problems. Each mechanical bathroom hardware device will undergo valve testing to determine the ability of the faucet, bidet, etc. to withstand water pressure.

Faucet Valve Closure Test and Water Rate test
Faucet Valve Closure Test and Water Flow Rate test

Water Flow test

Install the faucet on the nozzle flow pressure seal test board according to the test requirements. This indicator is to evaluate whether the water flow of the faucet meets the specifications and water-saving requirements.

Contact us to get the inspection checklist for different bathroom hardware products

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