Furniture Inspection in China & Asia

Furniture Inspection in Asia

furniture inspection in China-unsplash.comFurniture imported from China and Asia to various parts of the world is generally used in homes and offices and is also divided into indoor and outdoor furniture. The furniture can be simple or complex. It reflects personal style and economic conditions. For brands or retailers In general, active quality control is essential to meet these challenges and optimize supply chain performance.

For our customers, generally import various furniture products from Chinese industrial cities or provinces such as Foshan, Dongguan, and Shandong.

AQI Service provides furniture inspection services at every stage: from supplier investigation, audit to quality control, and final delivery of furniture during the process.

These products may include but are not limited to tables, swivel chairs, office chairs, high stools, sofas, patio furniture, desks, cabinets, wooden furniture, dining tables, and coffee tables.

AQI’s quality experts understand the customer’s requirements, ensure that on-site inspections are properly performed on-site, and finalize clear reports to explain and explain all details.

Throughout the quality control process, we will verify the appearance quality, specifications, functions, safety of the main furniture, and whether it meets the US, EU, and many other specific standards.

During the Pre-shipment inspection, the inspector should find various defects by inspecting the packaging, markings, labels, illustrations, instruction manuals, accessories, barcodes, and the appearance/appearance of the product. During the inspection of home furniture, we found some common major and minor defects, including but not limited to stains, scratches, missing accessories, watermarks, debris, sharp corners, missing labels, incorrect barcodes, poor paint, and poor assembly, etc.

Why is it important to Inspect the Furnitures?

  • Identify any issues in furniture size/specification to save cost and time
  • Avoid violating regulations
  • Reduce defects/flaws in the product and maintain a good brand image of the product
  • Save on possible rework and product recall costs
  • Confirm that the furniture will not be damaged during packaging and loading

Children furniture inspection

How to Inspect Furniture Products

Before conducting inspections, AQI technical engineers need to understand your product characteristics to determine key risks. By combining our furniture checklist with your unique product specifications and quality requirements, each inspection can be customized.

We will identify and classify defects based on your acceptance quality limit level (AQL), verify the quality of mass production, perform product function and safety tests on-site, and assess your compliance with product specifications and approved samples.

Assess the quality of your furniture materials and workmanship, using a number of quality control checks and tests, including:

Assembly checkPerformance check
Static loading testAccessories check
Impact testStability/Wobble check
Moisture content checkAdhesive test on logo and printing
Rub test on fabric and leatherBarcode scanning test
Cap removal strength/Pull testSmell test
Size measurementMaterial & Color comparison
Fatigue testCarton drop test

Furniture performance and safety are critical to ensure consumer satisfaction. However, some furniture tests cannot be performed at the inspection site. It requires a specific environment and test equipment to ensure compliance with applicable safety standards and regulatory requirements. AQI Service Inspectors can randomly take samples in production according to customer requirements and forward them to be tested by an accredited laboratory.

Furniture laboratory testing services include extensive performance and mechanical testing. Depending on the product, the testing time may take 5 to 10 days. These products may include swivel chairs, lockers, beds, sofas, some furniture for children, etc.

Our partner laboratories offer the following tests but not limited:

BS EN 581EN-1335 & BIFMA for office furniture
EN1728& EN22520 for domestic furnitureEN 71 for Children furniture etc
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