Plush Toys Inspection and Testing

AQI Plush Toys Inspection Service

Since designed and well-crafted plush toy gives a very pleasing feeling to people. But the safety of toys has been in the spotlight ever, the possible toxic chemicals and dangerous parts in plush toys can endanger children at home. so in recent years, the list of banned and restricted substances keeps growing to light the health impact of various substances used in the production of toys.

( Recall example here for Douglas Recalls Plush Toys Due to Choking Hazard)

AQI Service offers Quality Inspection Services and Lab Testing Services for the plush toys, we will verify your plush toys for compliance with relevant standards applicable to your product’s destination.

Plush Toys Quality Control Approach

AQI Service technical team work closely with your team to create a specific inspection checklist for your products, and our inspector will verify the quality of mass production based on your Acceptable Quality Limites (AQL), perform product function and safety tests, and assess compliance with your product’s specifications and authorized samples.

Some tests should be tested in the lab to ensure compliance with safety standards and regulatory requirements, inspectors will select the lot samples and forward to an accredited laboratory for testing.

Your products’ workmanship is carefully examined, and defects are classified into subcategories to highlight the key improvement areas for production.

We are your eyes in manufacturing and quality control.

How to Create Inspection Checklist for Plush Toys

Plush Toys Inspection and Testing Service in China & Asia, stuffing check

Here are the typical quality defects usually happed on these products

  • Packing and Packaging Check: Check the packing and packages conform to the client’s requirements or not?
  • Materials and Appearance: Compare with a golden sample including material/color of the fabric, accessories, hangtag/labels, packing, logo/markings, stuffing, etc.
  • Compulsory Marking check: Ensure the markings are on the toy or on the unit packing/packaging, the markings include a) CE marking, b) Importer information, c) Safety statement, d) Information is in the country of import official language. e) Age grading. f) Country of origin. g) Suffocation risk warning on the polybag
  • Workmanship: How is the workmanship? good for sale in-store or online?
  • Pull Test: For seam: Slowly apply 70 N of force within 5 seconds. Continue this force for 10 seconds – any broken seams must be able to withstand finger-insert detection of 10 N of force. When test any small, rigid parts such as eyes, nose, pom-pom, label, etc (if designed for children under 3 years old). If the part is >6 mm thick, use 90N of force. If the part is <= 6 mm thick, use 50 N of force.
  • On-site Test:  Verify the function, accessories, seam strength, metal detection check, etc. please see below typical testings

Typical Quality Defects

General DefectCri/Maj/Min
1Eyes are even slightly out of alignment.Major
2Face of the plush toy is deformed.Major
3Dimension of the item does not conform to the client’s specifications.Major
4Untrimmed thread on the surface of the item.Minor
5Sharp edges or sharp points on the surface of the item.Critical
6Small parts included with the item (not acceptable in items for children under 3 years).Critical
7Open seam larger than 5mm that can be accessed by a child.Critical
8Warning label is missing.Critical
9Foreign insectCritical
11Dirty stainMajor/Minor
12Glue markMajor/Minor
13Stitching issuesMajor/Minor
14Color shadeMajor/Minor

Typical Functional Tests and Testing in Laboratory

Plush Toys Inspection and Testing Service in China & Asia, toys pull test

Pull testScrew check
Stuffing cleanness checkMetal detection check
Barcode scanning test.Compulsory marking check
If the item is battery operated, check the battery polarity and the battery fitness. Record the brand of battery used (i.e., brand: Duracell ).Carton drop test per ISTA-1A
Functions check according to the instruction manual.Color shading among all samples
Check the number of stitches per inchFatigue test
Check the seam distance to fabric edge (seam allowance check)Adhesive and rub test

Main tests could be performed during an inspection at the factory, and the choice of tests to be carried out varies according to the design and intended use.

Our inspector can help the client to draw samples to our partner accredited laboratory for testing, we can also forward the shipping samples while During-Production Inspection or Pre-shipment Inspection.

Normally the testing will take around 3-7 days to get the test report, we recommend a selection of test applicable to safety risks and compliance, any questions please contact AQI Service.

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