Wedding Dresses, Bridal Gowns Inspection in China & Asia

Wedding Dresses, Bridal Gowns Inspection Service

Unlike other products, wedding dresses or bridal gowns are meant for special occasions. As a result, it can be quite disappointing for customers to discover any defects in the dresses, especially after choosing them. It is for this reason why you need the services of a quality inspection company, whether it is for a full inspection or AQL inspection.

The manufacturing process typically includes cutting the fabric, sewing, lacing, beading, and more hand works as required when making wedding dresses. So the best way to get your customers satisfied with high-quality bridal gowns is by hiring a third-party inspection company such as AQI Service to control the quality before shipment.

Wedding Dresses Quality Control Approach

AQI Service technical team works closely with your team to create a specific inspection checklist for your products, the inspector will verify the quality of mass production based on your Acceptable Quality Limites (AQL), check if samples match the product’s specifications and golden samples. Perform examination carefully with the workmanships on your products, and defects are classified into subcategories to highlight the key improvement areas for production.

We are your eyes in manufacturing and quality control.

How to Create Inspection Checklist for Wedding Dresses

Here are the typical quality defects that usually happen on these products

  • Packing and Packaging Check: Check the packing and packages conform to the client’s requirements or not?
  • Materials and Structure Check: Compare with a golden sample including material/color of the fabric, accessories, hangtag/labels, packing, logo/markings, etc.
  • Workmanship: How is the workmanship? Suitable for sale in-store or online? Inspector will randomly selected samples and record the defects, gave a conclusion based on AQL Table.
  • On-site Test:  Verify the fitting, accessories, seam strength, metal detection check, etc. please see below typical testings
  • Measurements: Measure and record the sizes based on the size chart.

Typical Quality Defects

# General Defect Cri/Maj/Min # General Defect Cri/Maj/Min
1 Asymmetry Major 12 Missing lace Minor
2 Broken beading Major 13 Beading not secure Minor
3 Broken stitches Major 14 Dirty mark Minor
4 Draw yarn Major 15 Poor stitches Minor
5 Holes in tulle Major 16 Uneven edge of the tulle Minor
6 Missing beading Major 17 Uneven  stitches lines Minor
7 Missing hanger loop Major 18 Losing stitches Minor
8 Missing stitches Major 19 Poor stitches Minor
9 Needle on fabric Major
10 Poor beading Major
11 Split yarn Major

Typical On-site tests

Compare with approval sample and technical spec Fabric/padding weight check
Product dimension measurement Metal detection check
Barcode scanning test. Seam strength test
Accessory fastness test (Button, snap, belts, loop, etc.) Carton drop test per ISTA-1A
Rub checking Color shading among all samples
Check the number of stitches per inch Zipper Fatigue test
Put on the mannequin to check the fittings

For any questions on the wedding dress quality check, please contact AQI Service.

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