Representation Office Services

‘Your Team in China‘ QC Program

Do you feel you need to take the next step with your China presence? Are you looking for a more comprehensive service than simple one off inspections or audits? like representation office services?

Our fulltime QC programs offer the opportunity for you to establish a fulltime presence or representation office in China with a dedicated AQI operative or multi-person team working exclusively for you inside your manufacturing facilities.

The AQI ‘Your Team in China‘ QC program enables you to enter the Chinese employment market without the risks involved due to distance from base, day to day management, lack of local knowledge, legal employment issues or the high registered capital needed to open a Chinese company.

All AQI team members are legally employed through AQI Service Co., Limited an HK Registered company and focus on quality control business in Asia! and we also have a legal quality control company in China mainland.

Representation Office Services in China

AQI SERVICE OFFICE BUILDINGFor a one-off set up cost and monthly charge AQI can provide the following as representation office services in China:

    • A fulltime China presence with legal office address and contact number.
    • Legal employment of QC/QA Engineers working full-time inside your manufacturing facilities.
    • Recruitment against your specific requirements and skillset needs,
    • Equipment purchase, setup, and maintenance.
    • Full employee training in line with established AQI work processes and procedures.
    • Access to AQI daily reporting and communication protocols.
    • Computer infrastructure and server space in China.
    • Desk space and fully equipped meeting facilities at the nearest AQI China office.
    • Program oversight and on the ground management by qualified AQI QC professionals.
    • Full access to the AQI western management team for program support and advice throughout.
    • Expense, travel and financial management services.
    • Administrative and HR support.
    • Perform quality control services for client

Check with us for the office service proposal.