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quality control solutions for small business in China or Asia

Since some small business organizations are often more focused on day-to-day operations, they may family-owned and less money to spend on training or QC system. These entrepreneurs may have little desire to establish routine processes and procedures, too, as they think these are more complicated than what they think.

But when these small businesses care about strategic management, they will believe that implement Quality Control Standards and Processes will be much help, and that’s the last step to ensure the quality of the product before its delivery to customers. Even more work and expenses need to be done initially. that’s why we suggest you create a checklist or guidelines, processes in place, and integrate quality initiatives into the strategic management of the organizations.

3 Major Risk for Small Business Importing from China

1)Poor product quality

  • Products that were manufactured at an inferior standard — note that this is quite common, even when the buyer received a perfect pre-production sample.
  • Products that not damaged during transportation.

2)Inappropriate labelling and packing

  • Wrong labelling
  • Weak export cartons, or inappropriate individual product packing.
  • Oversized export cartons

3)Using the wrong logistics provider

  • Delayed deliveries with little or opaque information
  • High custom duty fees

Here are Quality Control Solutions provided by AQI Service for Small Business Company or Private Lable Sellers

Quality Control Solutions for Small Business/Private Label Sellers

How can you control and prevent those risks?

a) Supplier Verification

  • Avoid scams and inexperienced vendors.
  • Other benefits

b) First Article Inspection

  • Attests that all engineering, design, and specification requirements are rightly understood, accounted for, verified, and recorded.
  • Other benefits

c) During Production Inspection

  • Solve the specification and quality problems during the manufacturing process
  • Other benefits

d) Pre-shipment Inspection

  • Know the final quality level of your shipment
  • Other benefits

e) Full Inspection (Defects Sorting Service)

  • Perform 100% inspection, to ensure each piece can meet client’s requirement
  • Other benefits

Check More about Inspection Sample Report.

Why AQI Service

Our Advantages

  • Stability: AQI Service is an established and reliable organization, providing quality assurance, engineering, and consulting services since 2004.
  • Experienced Degreed Engineers: Our staff offers experience in a variety of industries, including consumer retail, textiles/fabrics, electrical/electronics, housewares, and more.
  • Scheduling Flexibility: AQI Service understands the unpredictable nature of sourcing and the importance of meeting critical deadlines.
  • Integrated Services: AQI tries to offer international buyers a basket of integrated services to bring more confidence, security, and knowledge in ordering from Chinese factories.
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Your Benefits:

  • Risk Reduction: High reduction of the risk related to the quality issue and loss of money by appointing the wrong vendor
  • No Fix Cost: No fixed cost for maintaining the office, employee, etc… We work on demand
  • Budget Control: Total control of your budget for quality control and quality assurance. Cost is clear and forecastle
  • Fast: anywhere in Asia within 48 hours, report within 24 hours
  • Helpful: Free quality consulting and advice to help you establish your quality management strategy

Product Inspection Fee

  • Pre-shipment Inspection/Container Loading Supervision
  • Defects Sorting (Full Inspection)

-See price list-

General Inspection Booking Process

  • Customer consultation the service
  • Submit booking form with product information
  • Confirm the Inspection cost
  • AQI Service Conducts the inspection, draft report with results on the same day, detail report in 24 hours
  • Customer review the report
  • Additional actions and issue invoices.

Learn more about Inspection Booking Process

Inspection Standard

Options for Full Inspection Performing

Solution A: Defect sorting ( At AQI Service )

Phase I: Deposit 30% to supplier–>Production –>Random inspection during production(Can be skipped for small orders) –>Production 100% finished and packed –> Supplier send their FQC report –> Payment of 50% to supplier

Phase II: Supplier sends the goods(w/ or w/out packaging) to AQI Office –> AQI Perform 100% inspection –> Bad Pieces send back to the factory –> Replacements/reworked pieces from the factory –> All is Good –> Payment of 20% –> Delivery handle by AQI

Solution B: Defect sorting ( At factory)

Customer book inspection service from AQI –> AQI coordinate the date with supplier –> AQI Perform the random inspection or full inspection at supplier’s factory –> Report to customer –> Payment collect.

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