Inspection Checklist for Swimwear/Bikini Product Inspection in China

Swimwear/Bikini Products Inspection in China

Here we introduce our product inspection services for swimwear/Bikini products manufacturing in China.

As there are many different styles for swimwear like conjoined skirt suits, conjoined triangle swimsuit, conjoined boxer swimsuit, fission skirt suits, fission triangle swimsuit, fission boxer swimsuit, conjoined fission transformation type, transparent swimsuit, high fork swimwear, bikini etc., and they’re also some Men swimsuit style like aussieBum, Sharkskin man wetsuit, triangular swimming trunks, Long swim trunks etc.,

During the product inspection services, our inspector will perform the inspection with the below factors, we call it:

Inspection Checklist

  1. Fabric material and Woven design
  2. Style colour and pattern
  3. Bra symmetry
  4. Sean Stitching smooth and flat such as tensile parts should not appear the waves on the surface, fluffy,double-fold eyelid, turn your lines, and soothe phenomenon (unless technology has special requirements)
  5. Exposed base: Product’s surface mulch, should not see the inner clamp /the rims are covered, such as colour, (except products have special requirements)
  6. Perfect register, stripe matching, plaid matching
  7. Stains – product surface shall have no obvious oily  soiled, water soiled, perspiration stains
  8. Smell – product can not be sent out is not itself inherent odour, odour produced most of the system because in addition to the sweat caused by finishing or pick up a foreign body, such as sweat, gun water, alcohol, kerosene taste, smell such as oil, aromatic smell
  9. Loose Thread – product surface shall have no visible not cut the thrum of the net
  10. Hand feeling: It requires the material is soft and consistent with the model, no stimulation to the skin, anti-wrinkle properties of the fabrics and have certain
  11. Other on-site testes: Metal needle detection, Seam strength test, Colour fastness test, Rub test, Kneading test, Printing logo test etc.,

Swimwear/Bikini product inspection services in China and inspection checklist

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