The Recall Cases of Textile and Footwear Products in January 2019

Recall cases from Textile and Footwear Marketing


Intertek: In January 2019, Total 17 recall cases of textile and footwear products in foreign countries including the USA, Canada, EU and Australia, and 7 of them coming from China, other recalls are from Spain, Turkey, India, Pakistan etc.

There are 10 physical recall cases from EU market. 8 of all the physical recall cases are choking problems which accounts for 80%. 1 case is strangulation problem which accounts for 10%. The left 1 case is injury problem which accounts for 10%. The total chemical recall cases from EU market are 4, all of them are the excessive contents of chromium VI.

For the Canadian market, we also collect 1 physical recall cases, which is on choking problem. There is no chemical recall case from Canadian market in January.

There are 2 physical recall cases from Australian market. Both are on choking problems. here is no chemical recall case from US market in January.

No recall case is from the US market in January.

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Reason of recall Violation of regulations or standards Number of recalls Product related
Strangulation EN 14682 1 Babies’ clothing set
Injuries EN 71-1 1 Girls’ clothing set
Choking small part;CCPSA 11 Children’s boots, Babies’ clothing set, Children’s clothing set, Girls’ clothing set, Girls’ shoes, Babies’ shoes, Girls’ sandals, baby socks, Infant Girls Overall and Tee Set, Organic Cotton Coveralls
Chromium (VI) REACH 4 Men’s shoes, Leather gloves, Leather gloves, Lederhose (leather breeches)

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