What are the General Inspection Levels? How to choose AQL for Inspection?

In addition to setting the AQL -Acceptance Quality Level, the buyer should choose the sampling plan from the different inspection levels, here we break down the main sampling options for quality control inspection, to help guide you determine the scope of inspection that is best for you and your product.

AQL Sampling 

Using statistical sampling based on AQL table (Related: How to use AQL table?), acceptance sampling decides the sample sizes for different order quantities, and these different sample sizes are the origin of G-I, G-II, and G-III.

What are the General Inspection Levels

These main inspection levels – “G-I,” “G-II,” and “G-III” – stand for general inspection level-1, 2, and 3, respectively. These three different levels indicate sample sizes of one lot size for non-destructive inspection. The inspector applies the sample size of general inspection levels to the workmanship of the products during visual inspection. Any defects found in terms of workmanship are taken into account in the AQL result of the inspection. Any professional AQL chart will show the G-I, G-II, and G-III sample size of each group of lot sizes.

Reduced Inspection (or Level-I Inspection):

Has this supplier passed most previous inspections? Do you feel confident in the quality of their products? Instead of doing no quality control, buyers can check fewer samples by opting for a Level-I inspection.

However, settling on this level by default, fewer samples are inspected. This inspection level is appropriate when the client is confident that the quality of the products is acceptable.

Regular Inspection (or Level-II Inspection):

It is the most widely used inspection level, to be used by default.

Tightened Inspection (or Level-III Inspection):

If a supplier recently had quality problems, this level is appropriate. More samples are checked. This inspection level is used for suppliers that recently had severe quality problems, or for high-value products. It can also be interesting for small quantities, where the inspection would take only one day, whatever the level is chosen.

Example to get a clearer understanding

Lot SizeGeneral Inspection I
General Inspection II
General Inspection III

However, the lot size is not the only factor at work when determining the sample size.

How to Choose a Suitable AQL for Inspection?

For every product been manufactured, no matter batches or single batch, buyers should always have a quality control plan with it and arrange a QC inspection to verify the goods meet the quality standards or not. In order to save time and cost, the AQL Sampling Inspection was popular to help in the quality control system.

Choose the right AQL for production that may help you check and ensures the maintenance of the quality level of your products. 100% without any form of defective in production and manufacturing can’t be expected, but deliver your quality control plan before production always helps to control the number of faulty units in every batch.

Before choosing the right AQL for inspection, please consider these factors in your mind.

What’s Your Quality Level You Are Expected?

You should determine the quality level of your shipment by yourself because you are the only one to understand what your customer want. and it will be easy to choose AQL when this has been determined.

What Type of Products are You Imported?

Depends on the different types of products, some buyers will choose Reduced Inspection (Level-I), as they are less worried about the slight quality issues. They only choose Level-I inspection for avoiding big risk issues.

How’s Your Relationship with the Supplier?

When your supplier has been audited, and quality control system runs well, production lines are well organized, even they have some defects appear, you may tolerate them, and you could modify the sample size according to the quality control plan, but in case the relationship with the supplier in new, you’d rather choose level II or III, even 100% inspection. Or set your AQL value a little bit tighten.

What’s your Budget for Inspection?

Whether it is external quality control or internal quality control, any inspection represents cost, and the sample size determines the workload in a particular inspection. Since the inspection cost is estimated based on the number of man-days, the selection of the inspection level of the AQL table will directly affect your inspection time and budget

There are many other elements that need to be taken into account, we can discuss these elements later. check more on our blog (blog.aqiservice.com)

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