What if You Need to Book Defect Sorting Job: 100% Check

Why Are You Need A 100% Check

Summary: What exactly you need to take into consideration before you go ahead to schedule for a full inspection or hire a 3rd-party QC inspection firm for a product 100% check job?

Recently, FBA sellers contacted us to book for a full inspection on their goods — and they wanted every single product to be checked independently!

Defect sorting job 100% check inspection services

Earlier, they’d discovered defects and manufacturer’s faults on a number of batches. Rather than repairing them, they’d decided to pull them apart from other products. Most likely they wanted the factory to sell these faulty products locally and don’t ship to Amazon warehouse. (Related: What’s a FBA Inspection)

However, peak season coming, there is no time to negotiate with the factory, sellers requested us to come up with a solution for the defects and send them to the warehouse asap. so we send a team of 3 inspectors to work on the products for the next 2 days, beginning the following day.

Such a defect sorting job, i.e. a checking service that requires the full inspection of 100% of the products involved, can come in many ways:

  • It’s often conducted on tiny batches bearing pricey products like jewels. The buyer might prefer a full inspection of such. Essentially, the process is similar to any final random inspection only that this time around we’re not picking a small sample, but 100% of the products and use of the AQL sampling standard isn’t necessary since any faulty product is set aside and refused. It’s a 100% check as defect sorting job.
  • Any problem with the product manufacturing process might render some goods unsellable. Sometimes, the supplier may not be 100% sure where the border between acceptance and refusal falls. This is where a 3rd-party inspection firm comes in to do the sorting job.
  • Other times, the customer may badly be in need of more goods, and they, therefore, need to hire a QC inspection firm to check those products that had been previously declined as unacceptable. If the buyer is okay with a revised/lower standard, some of the products could “become acceptable” that way.

Tip: Such kind of double standards aren’t the best signal to send to the manufacturer.

What if You Need to Book for this Kind of Defect Sorting Job-100% check?

If you’re hiring a QC inspection company for this type of defect sorting service, the following details are critical because they’ll have a major impact on the quotation:

  1. ● The number of products to be checked: are they already all together?
  2. ● How many defects are being checked?
  3. ● What’s the laid-down standard/procedure to follow? Any conformity sample to adhere to?
  4. ● If there are on-the-spot instructions by a customer employee for the QC inspectors to follow, is this person required to leave a written document as a means of approval for the inspectors’ completed sorting job?
  5. ● Are all the products being inspected all finished? If not, when is the precise date for the completion of the last ones?
  6. ● Are the goods already packaged? the packages should be taken off before sorting. If so, is the packaging of accepted units also being checked during the defect sorting?
  7. ● What about any refused pieces? What happens to them? Should the QC inspectors re-check them after repair by the manufacturer? What’s the expected time of repair completion? Does the cost of rechecking refused pieces was included in the QC company’es quotation?
  8. ● What if the checking full inspection inspector finds higher quantities than reported from the first inspection? Is he supposed to go ahead and include the extra products in the invoice for the final charges?

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