When You Need a Full Inspection Service(100% Defect Sorting Service)?

Purpose of Full inspection Service

The purpose of this service (100% Defect Sorting service) is to sort out as many products as possible that were known as defects example as general appearance, application, workmanship, functions, safety, sizes, and other issues.), throughout the number of inspection man-days allotted, some special checks won’t be fully done during the inspection.

This service ensures every piece of the finished product meets the fixed quality needs that from the client. Usually, the requirements may be a shorter list and provided by the client, to ensure the 100% sorting work will be focused quicker and in an effective method.

The full inspection Service (Sorting inspection) puts one engineer and several inspectors onsite perform to 100% review for one or some workday, to make sure every piece will meet the client’s quality requirement, all the products should be in good working condition.


Why would you like 100% Defects Sorting Inspection?

If the products request a high appearance or very important, no one defect accepted in the sale, and you cannot afford any risk of defects, example if you are an Amazon seller and hate to receive bad reviews, you’ll use the sorting inspection service to ensure positive all shipping products in requirements.

What is the Benefit of the Full Inspection Service(100% Defect Sorting review Service)?

This service can help you to pick out the poor products from the shipment. it is also an efficient way for you to check if your supplier or factory manufactured the products as requested, and check how is the percentage of defects in your cargo.

Why should I book the Full Inspection Service?

After a FAILED inspection, rather than send the inspector to make a general Re-inspection, you can have your inspectors to focus on few defects and check the products as many cartons as they can, in order to sort out the defective products as many as possible from the shipment

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