Wholesale Pet Supplies Manufacturers in China & Quality Control 101 (2022)

Best Pet Products manufacturers, Dog toysDo you sell pet supplies via amazon or other similar sites? Most sellers purchase from pet supplies manufacturers and market their products via these sites for a profitable business. Pet collars, leashes, food supplies, toys, and much more are sold via FBA Amazon for easy earning.

Know everything about wholesaling pet supplies perfectly by reading to the end. We have listed quality checks, assurance measures, and much more to attain good outcomes by offering maximum customer satisfaction. Check on each section for a clearer understanding of the selling process and items you can list for spectacular responses.

Popular Pet Supplies on Amazon & Selling via Amazon FBA

Amazon has multiple pet supplies listed on its site. Most FBA sellers and wholesalers sell private label pet products on this giant site. and most of these pet supplies manufacturers come from China, Some popular supplies sold on this e-commerce destination are:

1.   Pet Food

Selling basic pet supplies like food can be a great idea. Pet food is one of the finest supplies you can use while marketing on these e-commerce sites. The online market has plenty of similar products. However, if you assure quality with your services, you can be different. So, the first popular pet supply you can opt for is pet food.

2.   Pet Utensils

Dog and cat feeders are other popular pet supplies available on Amazon. Then, there are various options, like plastic bowls, stainless steel utensils, automatic feeders, and more.

3.   Health Care Essentials

Apart from food and essentials like feeders, you can also opt for health-conscious choices like shampoos, tick powders, common drugs, etc. These are popular pet supplies to look out for and one of the finest sellers on Amazon.

4.   Beauty and Care Products

Self-care products include combs, brushes, trimmers, electric scissors, toilet supplies, deodorants, dental care, nail clippers, and similar products. These products do not have expiration dates and can be stores-in or used for a long duration. They make high-in-demand pet supplies on amazon and the daily essentials of most pets.

5.   Pet Toys

Each pet necessitates special toys to enjoy their playtime, from teething to playing in the yard. Chew toys, attractive automatic toys, and throwing toys are part of this fantastic range.

6.   Travel and Home Essentials

Other popular sellers are dog cushions, beds, towels, blankets, backpacks, bags, nests, etc. They are necessities for all dogs and cats, making best sellers online.

7.   Collars and Leashes

Neck cuffs, collars, leashes, harnesses, masks, muzzles, and more come in this top-selling category. Maximum users prefer purchasing these products from e-commerce sites for the best deals.

8.   Training Tools

VCD aids, CDs, Inducers, Books, and other tools are best for training. With the aid of these devices, owners can easily suitably train their pets.

9.   Clothes

Dog shoes, clothes, jewelry, dog hair, dog accessories, t-shirts, and more are trending products purchased by all pet owners. These top-selling supplies are preferable choices for many on Amazon.

10.  Dog and Cat Chews

Treats, dog chews, teeth cleaning treats, training treats, and various other products are available for pets on Amazon.

Most companies sell via Amazon FBA. The term stands for Fulfilment by Amazon. Using these services, you store your products in Amazon’s warehouse, and the e-commerce site packs and delivers these products to clients. Further, they also handle customer service and return requests for the best experience.

Where to Find Pet Supplies Manufacturers or Factories?

Pet supplies manufacturers and wholesale from China

Finding reliable pet supplies for your online business can depend on a few aspects. You can identify suitable options on sites like Alibaba.com, globalsources.com, Made-in-China, petmanufacturers.com, etc. Locate the most convenient stores for getting quality products.

Purchasing products from these sites assure the best prices. Pick certified products that ensure better security and health to prevent any issues. Look for wholesale supplies on reliable websites online to get the finest deals. 

How to Select Best Pet Supplies Manufacturers?

Opting for reliable manufacturers including dog or cat product manufacturers is important to thrive. Reliable sources assure good quality products and eliminate all your after-hassling with customers. So whenever you pick a manufacturer or factory look for these aspects before making a final decision:

  • The manufacturer must build the product
  • Their products must pass the quality check
  • The supplier should assist in stocking the products
  • Get an individual check on the product before placing bulk orders
  • Opt for sites that offer delivery services

Type of Pet Supplies Manufactured in China

The country has an extensive range of pet supplies. There are certain types and choices. Some of the pet supplies manufactured in the country are:

  • Cat trees
  • Pet trackable devices
  • Pet travel accessories
  • Pet grooming brushes and combs
  • Fish aquariums
  • Nail trimmers
  • Pet textiles
  • Pet furniture
  • Bed warmers
  • Pet Shampoos (medicated)

Quality Control Inspection for Pet Supplies & Accessories

There are multiple pet supplies manufacturers; thus, identifying the finest supplier from them can be tough. The simplest way of inspection is checking personally. However, it might not be feasible each time.

If you import the products from another country example China, you can hire a Third-Party inspector to do the check for you. Some aspects to check on are:

1.    Safety

The foremost aspect to check is the security of pets. You can attain it by utilizing and testing the products. In the case of digital items and other products like collars, leashes, and clothes, inspection is simple. Inspect the sturdiness and quality to get an instant quality check.

In the case of foods, eatables, and pet toys, the inspection process can be difficult. For such instances, ask for samples and use them on a pet to find out outcomes.

2.    Chemical checks

Product testing and inspecting chemical requirements are a must. Thus, ask your agent to offer the same. Check if the product inspection has been completed to get more assurance.

3.    Performance Inspection

Checking the performance is important to note how your product is offering delivery. Doing so is highly necessary for pet products as well.

Get a reliable Third-Party Inspection Company in China that offers FBA Inspection Service to get this completed. Doing so will show how your product stands out from the rest.

4.    Reliability

Most products do not have FDA approval. Food items do, but the rest of them do not. Safety, reliability, and experience are completely provided by the manufacturer.

So, it is vital to inspect the pet products for better reliability. Check if they deliver outcomes like the manufacturer promises.

Defects Classification for Pet Supplies

Quality experts classify the defects into three distinct categories. First critical, major, and minor. The severity of the defect in the product depends on which category the pet supply belongs to. Every importer must check on these basic defects to assure the best quality.

  • Critical defects

These are the most profound kinds of defects. Critical defects label a product to be completely unusable and/or might cause damage to the user that uses the product.

The defect can put a firm at severe risk of liability issues, legal matters, and product recalls. Maximum firms have zero-tolerance policies for such products to eliminate risk. A product usually fails the inspection process if there is even a single defect in the item.

Eg: Sharp edges or points like needles on toys that may be extremely harmful can be labeled as a critical defect.

  • Major defects

These defects fall under the next category. A product that has such defects falls way beyond a buyer’s specifications. These defects can powerfully impact the functioning, usability, or look of a product.

They are quite noticeable defects. And these can make clients return the item, demand refunds, or place complaints.

Maximum importers mark lower limits for these defects than the other defects. They tend to accept orders that have lesser defects than these products. Also, importers tend to return or ask for exchanges in case of these products.

Eg: Unfinished products like missing stitches on leashes, accessories, or collars. These defects are visible and affect the product’s performance.

  • Minor defects

These defects are small, minimal issues that have minimal effect on the performance or design of the item. In maximum cases, the client does not even notice this defect in a product. And customers will most likely not return such items.

Eg: Defects like uncut threads on leashes or collars come in the minor category. These faults are correctable and not rejected by all customers.

Main Tests Used for Pet Supplies & Toys Inspections

Most standard tests performed are:

  • Compression test
  • Inside stuff check
  • Toy drop test
  • Care label
  • Warning label
  • Smell test
  • Abuse test
  • Small part check
  • Adhesive test
  • Sharp points check
  • Frequency check
  • Flexure test
  • Metal detection test
  • Wobbly base check
  • Humidity test
  • Pull test
  • Torque test
  • Carton drop test
  • Real performance test

Pet Supplies Product Testing in Lab

Certain products necessitate a controlled environment for checking their safety and testing compliance. These pet supplies are sent for specific lab tests to get accreditation. The lab test is a compulsion without which the product cannot get accreditation.


Quality checks and offering valuable pet supplies are a must for success. Use the assistance while selling your products on Amazon to get the best responses. Note these essentials and boost your venture with the finest services.

Author: AQI Service as a professional quality control service company in China specialized in providing a complete range of quality inspection and testing certification services in China & Asia for global importers, buyers, retailers, and sellers.